Nooski | 100522918 | Instructions / Assembly | Nooski 100522918 Instructions / Assembly

Setting the NOOSKI Rat Trap
Arming the NOOSKI Rat Trap
Step 1 - Release the clips on the safety tunnel.
Step 2 - Separate the clear tube from the black safety tunnel.
Step 3 - Place bait in the bait tray, peanut butter , chocolate, nuts and seeds are recommended.
Do not set with pet food, fish or meat.
Step 4 - Roll the ring forward to the front groove of the clear housing. To prevent misfiring, push
your thumb forward on the black trigger and place your finger over the front edge until the ring
is in place.
Step 5 - If having difficulty rolling the ring on, hold against a wall and push the ring forward
with your fingers.
Step 6 - Place the housing back into the safety tunnel ensuring the bait tray lines up with the hole
in the bottom of the clear trigger housing.
Step 7 - Securely close the safety tunnel, ensure the clips lock into position.
Step 8 - Your NOOSKI rat trap is now ready to kill a rat.
Placement of your NOOSKI rat trap
For best trapping results place your trap against a wall or solid object, rats are wary of traps in
open spaces. Ensure to set your trap out of reach of pets, if this is not possible the unique
NOOSKI design allows you to set the trap in a manner that is 100% safe around curious pets.
As per the image secure your trap to the floor with the entrance no more than 150mm/6" from a
corner or vertically on a wall 75mm/3" off the ground.
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