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Bobbex Use and Care Instructions
Directions: Pump 15 to 20 strokes to pressurize bottle. To spray, depress trigger on top of handle.
Caution, trigger will lock when pushed forward. Bobbex will last up to 2 months (Fall/Winter), however, for
periods of rapid growth (Spring/Summer) spray every 10 to 14 days. Allow approximately 6 hours of
drying time before rain or hosing. Spray dry plant sufficiently only to coat surfaces, both sides.
For refills, use Bobbex concentrated sprays.
Concentrate Ratios: Spring - 5oz. Bobbex per Sprayer Bottle
Winter - 8oz. Bobbex per Sprayer Bottle
Use diluted Bobbex concentrate within 5 days.
Cleaning: Rinse sprayer thoroughly with soap and water after each use.
Storage: Store in a cool dry place. Do not let freeze.
Maintenance: If the sprayer clogs, unscrew nozzle tip and nozzle base from spray head and remove any
dirt particles. If unit leaks or fails to function, check for obstruction in nozzle tip and siphon head. Inspect
and tighten connections.
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