LRL e - editions - Little Red Leaves

LRL e - editions - Little Red Leaves
LRL e-editions
© 2010 Mathew Timmons
The following pieces have previously appeared in...
“Every week,” “I dunno,” “First, you want,” “Martin Luther King Jr.,” and
“As the angels” in [out of nothing] #3 [... that there were some ahness to things] 2010. “A witness to evil,” “Advocating for conservation,”
“I couldn’t help,” “Apparently, what we thought,” “I glared at you,” and
“Personal Wealth Advice” translated into Spanish in Luvina 57 | Los
Angeles City, 2010. “Why am I silent,” “They say your abilities,” “It’s
safe to assume,” “My it felt like torture,” and “You know how” in Area
Sneaks, Issue #2, 2009. “Power trippers,” “No, my opinion,” “I want
to buy,” and “You may either” in Try, November 2008. “If I cover” in
Corduroy Mtn., November 2008. “The good thing,” “Now, you may,” “I
felt you,” “After having made,” “When you got up,” and “Is it my place”
in Or, issue #1, 2008.
LRL e-editions
Series Editors: Julia Drescher, Ash Smith, and C.J. Martin
Sound Noise
by Mathew Timmons
Sound Noise a note on process
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Every week, I walk the sidewalk and that empty lot with my cart so carefully,
that once you even stopped to say how amazed you were that you didn’t care
about the noise. You started to draw a crowd and, thanks be to heaven, there
were two crying, in fact, tiny unmeasureable quantum fluctuations that would
serve to nudge the ball off the top of the hill. That ball is horribly unstable
perched up at the top of the hill. Correspondingly, this theory has an unstable
vacuum. The ball will roll down the hill.
When you lived down that long driveway, I made sure your house number was
easy to find from the street. I put up a stick with your address on it and fixed
your mailbox. Privacy is nice, but having emergency services actually able to
find your house makes you realize there’s no true vacuum in which to work.
It’s possible to pare down your environment of distractions, and sometimes it’s
needed, but I’ve been able to create within a semi-private setting. Most of the
time though, I’m in charge of distribution, and I have to say, I’m floored. I just
can’t keep up with the rush.
I felt a rush of adrenaline, suddenly aware of what a terrible mistake it would
be to get deleted without knowing this side of my ex-enemy. I ran a hand
through my hair and looked back at you. Years of simply being with you, the
greatest thing being that although life’s fleeting moments pass by as fast as they
come into our lives, we’re able to say that we were happy even if only for a
single moment. And you can continue to look forward to the next time when
you come off a wave at high speed and you land and make a really, really loud
sort of smacking noise and it doesn’t sound healthy. We went out for the first
time on a Sunday, and am I just being paranoid or can we just say that every
event must be dragged down by some interminable logic, and that in fact the
odd contradiction (generally through a remarkable individual) adds depth, just
as the best characters have quirks and failures?
“I dunno,” I said and bit down on another biscuit. While my childhood travails
in the cleaning cupboard have left me with an obsession for vacuum cleaners,
I also picked up a dependency on biscuits from many hours spent stuffed in
the cupboard. I found a tube of caulk in the building, so I took it upon myself
to sand down the primed wood and caulk it, and bought a can of Olympic
Kitchen and Bath paint, which is truly waterproof once it dries and sets up.
The vacuum brush grabbed a piece of thread and, well, I now have a white
partition going down the center of my red carpet. Hmmm, do you think my
mother knew about this? Thoroughly pissed, now that I messed up the carpet,
I chucked the thought that it could ever be perfect again, so I tracked down a
copy instead. Then, when I got the copy, I realized it didn’t fit like the original.
After having made the decision to rush and then pledge, I became even more
secure with organizations. Pledging was fun. There were no black sharpie
markers, so no branding, WTF? Even so, it wasn’t scary or intimidating when
you cited a mix of all the factors pushing up oil prices including the weak
dollar, a rush of speculation on commodities, and ongoing political concerns in
the Middle East and in Nigeria. You found another flaw in the workplace just
as it was getting better. I’m not too fussed although I can say that I wouldn’t
rush back for the Insect Vacuum treatment—it sucks big time… literally. I can
give you a little security and I would also like to give you Joyful Noise for Two
Voices, this month’s free audio lesson guide.
I felt you picking up on my rage as we walked from the ridge down to the
beach where the Gold Rush era SS Tennessee was wrecked in 1853. My first
indication was a look from you—angry, hurt, reproachful, and questioning, all
at once. I don’t really know myself, I mean, I’m sure you can help me with that
one, though I’d say if your rush fails, good luck! It’s not a pleasant experience.
I had been rather looking forward to some preventative maintenance. I used
the shop-vac to suck out the drain line outside the house and also used the
brush attachment to vacuum off the coils the best I could, and, to help some, I
sprayed clorox in the drain pan.
The good thing about high frequency sounds is that it’s hard to find where
they’re coming from. This circuit I’ve made can be mounted in a plastic box
just like I have done. The noise it makes can be very annoying even though
my name is well known in the audio industry as a maker of high quality sound
and audio equipment. In order to make sure the audio from a movie can be
interrupted seamlessly by more pleasant sounds like the “Warning Noise” or
the classic “Ocean of Sound”—something I’ve cited repeatedly is the method
of noise canceling tests run according to the headphones placed over the ears
model. The answer lies in various “helpful” things which get done to the sound
once it leaves the ear. Also, I once read about a musical performance that, by
accident of circumstance, became a process of slowly turning off all sources
of noise.
Now, you may or may not be aware of Voice Command (and given the recent
exodus, you most likely don’t), but I’d like to announce the shut down of the
“great emigration” based solely upon my faculty of volition. At last a bold,
strong and loud voice of Orthodoxy, will be heard to scare the croaking frogs
from the stagnant disease bearing waters of the Ecumenical heresy! You will of
course hear the voices of a few bishops, supporting this and other signs like: I
cannot acknowledge my Savior on this campus which is against my right to free
speech so I have elected to remain silent today in protest of my civil liberties
being ignored. Many of the students here have said they’ll just sway like a
silent Tower of Babel, saying nothing and everything in a thousand different
tongues. So moving, so filled with and emptied of suffering, so steeped in the
music of a voice. Speechless before the truth, it grows softly under the veil
of silence. These truths unknown. Spoken eloquently. Peacefully. This voice
unheard. This voice unshared. The butterflies are here. They are fluttering…
I can hear those silent thoughts again…
A witness to evil, a voice for the silent, and a timeless symbol of resolve now
sings to us across the decades. The editors of TIME played your voice for me,
singing an old song, adding annotations, photos, maps, and quotations. You
sang without the instruments you loved, without anyone else’s vocals to cover
yours. They played your voice and you sounded so beautiful; everything that
you were, captured and summed up. I cleared the supper dishes, wiped down
the table, swept under the table, put away food, made lunches for those who
took a lunch, dried and put away dishes, set the table for breakfast, and wiped
down the dish drainer, counter tops, and stove. Close your eyes (oh yes, and sit
down first), take in a couple of breaths and feel yourself start to slow down. Ask
your intuition a question—it can be about where to move, what direction to
take in your new life or whether you really, after more than four decades, have
an independent voice?
Advocating for conservation, historic preservation, responsible growth and
much more died on Saturday, leaving a silent void in the dark below. I squeezed
my eyes shut; but your voice went on, every word seeming to drill into me. “We
must leave the Apiary tonight, and go into the West,” said the voice. “And if
our hearts are true, the voice of silence … the voice of silence will speak in
stones.” Love … Love is real, and there are no longer dreams. Love is a dream,
and there is no longer reality. The law of non-contradiction is a contradiction.
Is there a way of getting this silent voice to wake me up tomorrow morning?
When you got up and went to vacuum out your car, I didn’t go help you because
there were HORNETS in the garage and that is not cool. When your mom
came over though, I helped her make dinner, and then your dad came over,
too. It would be interesting to test out this practice in the face of the current
recession, when high gas prices have quieted the streets by a decibel or two and
reduced the number of restaurant-goers. Noise costs us in terms of health, but
you were soooo into music, beyond what was typical of our peers. I guessed
you were seeking sensory sound. Noise. We craved noise as we progressed
through Occupational Therapy, until we became Sensory Defensive. You’d
put your fingers in your ears. A silent protest! You said, “Yes, I’m protesting the
political process in this country of ours and my voice shall only be heard in the
pages of my journal!” After Bush stole the election from Gore, I decided not
to vote in an election until I could create a vacuum that sucks in people with
principles who have a strong wish to help others.
Power trippers, those who use bluff, bluster, threats or power to get their own
way at home and work, can sense fear or sorcery. My version of The Good, the
Bad, and the Ugly is not very good. You and your compadres get into lots of
drawn out duels before you finally get down to business. You seem to have
the ability to move forward after your moment in the sun. Some though... like
that guy who discovered the band Rush twenty-five years ago, he apparently
decided that very day that he would play them so loud as to eventually cause
a permanent loss of hearing. He is much too noisy and much too high, an
exposition drawn out to about eighty-five sounds beyond the range of normal
conversation. Measured for a level of moderate noise, a simple system can be
an effective expander, where the threshold of sound is set by first analysing a
section of noise. For this reason it’s best not to clean up your originals. This is
the shape of the impression of each repetition of the mantra syllable. These
string together in my mind, as if there were a nickel 10 feet in diameter and
one foot thick, bouncing and rolling down a straight path on a grey sphere.
Why am I silent on the issue of local authority? Do I have any grounds to
criticize? Remember when we noticed that there were some civic organizations
made for protest? I replied to all your questions, my friend. The first time you
played my new instrument, you didn’t want to let go of it. “I always wondered
what it was that makes that noise,” you said, “let me take it home with me.”
To date the noise of my truck hadn’t bothered you, but today it did. Again,
you tried to high tail it out of here. Again, I was able to change your mind and
you came back. You sat in my lap right next to the truck while I massaged you
and then I went inside to wash dishes for 10 minutes. You discovered that the
vacuum cleaner was full and you left me inside while you ran outside to empty
it. You came back inside to discover me sitting on the bench, tearing up teabags
and sprinkling the contents everywhere. Go vacuum, then take a break and
have a snack, maybe lie down for half an hour. I’ll do some more dishes, take
out the trash, dust and polish, get a drink... I feel more productive this way.
So, the floors are vacuumed once again today and ready to be mopped once I
get lunch done and we’ll go outside for playtime then down for a nap. But, for
the record, we’re both pretty glad the vacuum beast is back in its cave for the
moment. Sitting at our kitchen table about six years ago, we both asked each
other, simultaneously, “What if we could split the wind blowing over a roof
and create a vacuum to suck the roof down, instead of up?”
No, my opinion isn’t any more valid than the beat reporter or columnist; I was
a 25-year old liberal arts major whose only print journalism / sportswriting
experience was a stint on the high school newspaper. That’s not why I write
what I write …and he heard a familiar female voice. “Is it Don?” Colby asked, on the bed
behind him. Charlie shook his head. “Megan,” he explained, but before he had the chance to
actually talk to her, Colby grabbed his hand to take him back… On May the seventh,
I will go to the studio and there will be scenes that no one has ever seen and
we will shoot them that day and they will rush them to Los Angeles and they
will cut them and those will be the final moments of the season. But this
conversation leads me to consider a long term strategy. Our work should take
serious consideration of thought and discussion within this arena. We can’t
rush the ending …the last thing you see—your lover, your friend and soulmate—rushing
forward, eyes going wide, as the blade slides into your body… You woke up screaming.
Just listen to my voice, you’ll be okay.
They say your abilities exceed those of all others, and even that no one had ever
been as strong as you were, but they say you can barely stand the loneliness.
Okay. So, you allowed my brother to lower your car about 1.5 inches, maybe
2—he was the only one, wasn’t he?—and then the noise started. It sounds like
metal on metal, a noise like powerful squeaking. Since none of us have ever
heard anything like it, except from our forays into the realms of hard rock, I
had no idea what we were listening to. When you drove up, I assumed it was
one of those noise albums you’ve been listening to, like that EP, Looped Power
Lines, but the failed brakes and removed steering column proved me wrong.
It’s safe to assume that if you invest in one brand-new appliance for the
move, make it the vacuum cleaner. Get one with a filter. If you can get one
from a family member or at a yard sale that works, great, but this is probably
the most important cleaning apparatus in EVERY society on earth. When
Christian based morals are cast aside, crime and violence has ALWAYS filled
the “vacuum.” This is NOT UNREALISTIC FANTASY! I lived in that
happy time without the choking influence of the state in every aspect of life.
Personally, I have always felt my voice is better speaking than silent. The one
time I did participate in the Day of Silence was my junior year in College. On
that day my class “Gender, Sexuality, and African American Communities”
was not meeting. While the church has been mostly silent on the subject of sex,
the world and the devil have attempted to make it their domain. The church
has rightly proclaimed biblical prohibitions on the misuse of sex, but it has
failed to speak out. When I say the mantra syllable inside my head, this is the
voice that gives it a thought and sound. This mental track can also be silent.
When I’m imagining a picture, scene, or shape I am doing so on the same level
of my mind.
My, it felt like torture then, the sand and surf were yards away, and you were
forced to withstand a full-body rub down at SPF 30. Decades later, you’re
still boasting milky soft skin while your friends OD on amphetamines. You
must have seen some of the more outstanding flash at the bar. You may not
think this complicated, and maybe even rough, but with good nutrition and
a mellower sound, you’ll soon be reading press releases all about it. The
Occupational Safety and Health Administration, or OSHA, once sent me a
questionnaire asking: What was the first song you ever heard by Rush? 2112
from their album of the same name. It’s a twenty minute epic and I love it.
What is your favorite album of Iron Maiden? The Number of The Beast.
Nothing else. My father was always anxious to get me used to working the soil,
outdoors, where background noise was recorded and participants using their
headphones turned the volume up high to drown out the surrounding noise.
Finally, some of them, the young men and women, have learned to recognize
the letters of the alphabet and read words by the syllable at short-lived schools
set up to eradicate illiteracy. The effect of the silent version is greatly reduced.
As students fail one by one, the County and the teachers remain silent. Public
school transfer programs will obviously do nothing to help. Are we silent
because we don’t know who we are or what we are for? I wrote a chapter in a
book called The Inside Verdict which I began with the words “This isn’t working
anymore.” Well, is it any better now? Of course some of it is. But from you,
who claim to be “the young vito / a voice of the people / a mouthpiece for
hustlers / a ventriloquist for doublers…” you seem to be quite silent.
Is it my place to decide what any artist should and should not be writing?
I never really learned to do any of that fancy stuff, but I love the rush of
achievement in becoming one with motion, the music, the crowd... It’s all very
addicting. I am really looking forward to how you look forward to seeing me,
to feel the same rush of enthusiasm and eagerness that you arrive with and
hopefully infect me with too. I see you there! It’s a pity that this late rush will
come in lists of nonsense syllables and the measurement of how long it takes
to forget and then relearn them (here is an example of the type of list we’ll use:
bes dek fel gup huf jeik). With high-definition digital filters, our signal-to-noise
ratios are getting remarkably better. It’s odd, then, that we just keep getting
noisier. Is there a connection between noise and class? Let’s shoot a feature of
you dancing in full regalia and reading from this book, Silent Voice of Creation.
Let’s go out and enjoy the sunshine!
When you’re gone I have to get up and do your morning routine. Today that
meant getting all of the children up, dressed and out the door. On top of that,
I have to do my morning routine. No big deal, I just drink more coffee. It’s
about time we decided to sit down and chat about this. My hope is that we
can see there is more at stake here than profits, mob affiliations or additions
to the house. We only have one world, and the long-term aim we’ve set down:
to create an assembler, a microscopic device, a robot that could construct yet
smaller devices from individual atoms and molecules. Even though, for the last
two decades I have often cussed the fact that I live in a cultural wasteland and a
vacuum of a small town, I find I’m actually more productive if I keep to myself
and not concern myself with what everyone else is doing at the moment. There
are so many names for what you encountered on your first day in London,
“People soup,” perhaps… You called to tell me you found yourself on the
London underground at rush hour or after 10pm and it was human soup, a
veritable hot pot of smells (some quite breathtaking), people and sounds. Last
Sunday, at midnight, when you returned, I rushed out to see you and all you
gave me was a sad look.
While it is certainly conceivable that creators might be willing to create in
a vacuum, as discussed above, most want other people to experience their
work. These other people are the content consumers and, like their fellow
actors, I’m looking forward to the next training lesson. Level One: Wash any
curtains/blinds/mats etc. that need doing. Level Two: Vacuum the floors;
Clean the bath, toilets, shower and sinks; Wipe down the tiles and defragment
the computer while doing so. Level Three: Declutter and dust the computer
desk. Level Four: Get the car fixed. Whenever the engine is cold there’s a sorta
medium-high pitched sound if the clutch is pressed all the way down. The
sound stops as soon as I release the clutch. My best description is that it sounds
sorta like rubber rubbing, or like baby’s bark, those kind of weird barks we’ve
heard before. When I asked if you were alright, you took a breath that seemed
to suck all the sound from the room. I felt like I was floating along, as if the
world was fading out and you were the cause, the root. Then you looked up.
Smiled. And the noise went on. You nodded once and turned your attention
to the dialing device set in the console between us. You dialed the familiar
symbols and we watched as outside the planet’s dark night began to flash.
First, you want to start with sweeping and vacuuming. Make a household
chore list and use it. Learn to make awesome BBQ sauce and have some
weekend guests over. Learn to make sprouted grain bread and to make cheese,
or view some art and make a fursuit. Today is a good day to open yourself up
and allow yourself to wonder. But there’s no need to rush. Give me one more
week, and I can help you out. Can you wait to start until next Friday, or do
you just, so badly, want to start today? Really, the crowd is just beginning to
gather outside, and you can’t wait to open? I think this launch could usher in
a new, high-speed age of users in the U.S. Even if we do nothing more than
pay lip service to the voice for now, it’s time to stop the silent epidemic at the
workplace. You are not alone! Many people are or have been bullied at work.
You are not the first or the last person to fall prey to this unsocial behavior.
But this knowledge isn’t very comforting when you’re surprised by a sudden
noise from nearby, followed by a loud snarl and a few guttural growls. You go
silent, listening, before a piercing animal howl rings loud and clear. You suck
in a breath, mumbling something inaudible. Did you say, “Take me? Teach
me? Lead me straight into another field?” Yes, you did. I can see more of the
picture now, I look forward to hearing some normal head noise. If you go into
a sound proof booth and normal outside noise is diminished, you can become
aware of normal sounds. Because of outside noise, we are usually not aware of
the normal sounds of the body.
I want to buy things when the price is low, but when does this occur? No one
can tell exactly, but when a thing starts to appear as undervalued in it’s own
index you can be fairly certain it’s not going to stay down much longer. Using
a clean white absorbent cloth, blot the area, pressing down firmly without
rubbing for 30 seconds. Repeat this blotting process until the area is dry and
odor free. Citrus based cleaning products may be used on almost any type of
project. I can hear construction at the hospital (the hammering is very distinct),
but not the high pitched noise of a bus pulling out. The car noises driving
home are minimal, and the radio is just fuzz, sadly, but these are anticipated
acoustic packages. The execution of the acoustic package is dependent on
the noise limitations on site and the type of gas turbine used. Our experience
enables us to determine and calculate the entire acoustic burden, including
the sound. It’s actually been said that in the old days, they used to do a very
simple exercise called the Knee Clap—legs spread out, say a square wide, then
bring the knees together. And, everything, every move, whether going forward
or backward, has to cover this rush of new energy. You will find an enormous
amount of life force energy available to anyone who wants to tap into and use
it. Imagine the energy involved when flowers bloom, that life force energy is
I couldn’t help but try to rush through my presentation, a maneuver from your
repertoire that I have incorporated in my attempt to steal the limelight, along
with a cajoling banter, demeaning of both the representatives present, and
condescending to the legendary Doctor in attendance. As an envoy over the
years, you’ve helped me to become more and more like a voice of justice. I feel
I can express nothing less than my true feelings. I try to take low emissions (near
zero), excellent economy and other hybrid strengths from whoever has them.
You moved forward with ongoing civic changes, before 23 million citizens, in
their weakness, could stop you. But I couldn’t hear you, the whole scene was
too loud. Did you say, “I could kill them?” Speak slowly and loudly. Try the
radio or the sound system features. I still can’t understand you. Did you say, “I
can’t go another step?” I’m not looking forward to the ride either, I can assure
you. As our fellow passengers finished boarding and stowing and belting up, we
heard engine and road noise and saw the easy to see warning lights come on,
and we awaited the revving of engines and the rush down the runway. Instead
we got the pilot announcing “The computer read-out says, ‘The rear windows
do not open fully. But if you are what you say you are, this is going to be worth
it.’” The pilot then added, “I imagine it won’t be easy, but then the good things
in life never are.” You turned back, I leaned forward, and you clasped a hand
on my shoulder, affection and warmth showing in your suddenly thick voice.
As I have reported previously, for as many as twelve days following your return,
you could sit silent for hours, unresponding to touch or voice, or perhaps simply
uncaring. Sleep researchers say most of us are either larks or owls, some of us
to an extreme. The ideal day best fits someone like you, who rises at 6 or 7 am
and hits the hay at 10 or 11 pm, so owls or larks should set their clocks back
or forward a few. The strange thing is that, yes, the whole idea is that the only
people in this game are other players, and that can create a vacuum. One of
my big problems with sound is that very same fact. So, I integrated your clock’s
keypad-only mode with my phone’s Matrix mode and threw the old Metal
Tiger out the window. It’s as if I just got a brand new voice, but there’s this very
high pitched sound, almost like hissing or a mosquito noise, coming out from
the top of my forehead, right behind where my eyes sit. My experience with
sound is that it works quickly and effectively without the hassle of a vacuum. I
have never once confessed to integrating text and voice through the window of
three dimensional voice visualizations or of including you in the conversation
just to make quick, simple calls for easier navigation. I didn’t say that. I did
not say that. This is a classic illustration. You heard what you wanted to hear
based on your own biases and prejudices. I simply recited some facts for you.
These are not arguable. You can slip an old unmatched sock on your hand and
dust as you go. For windows and mirrors? Use old newspapers to clean mirrors
and windows. You’ll have a great disposable cleaning refrigerator if you clean
your refrigerator coils and drip pan. Vacuum the vents and coils to clean them.
Dusty coils have to work harder to cool down the interior and contents of the
refrigerator. Check the gaskets for proper air seals. “Where are they?” I asked.
“They’re right where I left ‘em,” you joked and were tugged forward a little as
we did the rush forward and slow down thing, which generally meant a slower
delivery into the forward line. Being a good sport, you slipped your arm loose
and grabbed my hand as we set off at an easy jog towards the goal. Our rush
was so good that the defensive side’s pressure in the middle of the ground left
the ball free. That which always gave the hawks a better chance of blocking up
space around the goal, was instead, better still for us.
Apparently, what we thought was going to usher in a new age of data, turns
out to be nothing more than a voice. We are not going to return to being the
silent ones, we are not going to return to being the punching bags, and we sure
are not going to return to tolerating ignorance, arrogance and constant insults.
Again, I do apologize. This type of breathing activates the adrenal gland (your
fight or flight mechanism) and your body is then constantly bombarded by
adrenaline, noradrenaline and other hormones and enzymes used to get you
out of danger. I know, a noise in the room left you unsettled. Considering our
motors will be electric and used only to charge the batteries (hence we’ll have
less mechanical parts), our “engine noise” should be far less than most current
vehicles, even most motorcycles. At first, I thought the noise was a voice and I
mentioned it on the digital recorder for you specifically to listen to when you
were analyzing the audio. Then there was another sound. The doctors said
that the impact to your brain has caused you to lose your voice. Listening to
your parents’ comfort, but with nothing coming out from you, I broke down.
During the stay in hospital, besides your still silent cries, there were just your
At breakfast I got to meet everybody which was fun, fun… and then I rushed
back to camp and got to volunteer for the day. I have currently been looking
for Group Information and Special Group Greetings, some Good Classic
Experience and a few notes in a hushed voice. Most of the time, when I team
up with a couple medics, we’re able to move our cart forward. The thing about
the Gold Rush is that the entire opposing team will attack a single area. If we
stop to camp, we won’t move our heavy cart forward. And being on my feet
is not a good idea for that long a time, but what I really regret today was my
unexpected blurting out my opinion that, “For me, social movements start when
individuals are free to think, create, ride trains, write stream-of-consciousness
poetry, hang out in the garden for three years, or alternatively visit speakeasies
in the middle of the night.” You were down in the triple chamber structure all
night, trying to separate heat and noise from the power supply, hard drives and
mother board for cooler and quieter operation. Noise level is defined as Low
(under 88 decibels), Medium (88 to 91 decibels), or High (92 decibels or more).
A quiet high-efficiency 430 Watt power supply with universal input and active
high voltage supplies many household items, like microwave ovens. The square
waves from those signals inside the case cause lots of noise, and worse yet,
many people either have non-compliant cases or just remove the case covers!
A Boeing 727 co-pilot once collected 61 noise observations using a handheld
sound meter and determined that there are three flight phases: Climb, Contact
and Layout; Climb, Supply and Contact; and Climb, Contact, Release.
You may either sit or lie down, whichever is more comfortable for you.
Cover your physical self with a light blanket if you chill easily. You want no
distractions during your meditations so always make sure your physical vessel
is hearing health. You’ll have to rush like mad, hahahah. And there will be
long queues outside the toilets. The water will be icy cold, but I guess that’s
refreshing. Then after bathing, we’ll eat dinner. It has been raining lately, so
there’ll probably be lots of bugs inside the cage. You should be able to create
a vacuum, if you can’t the diaphragm might be punctured. I’ll check to make
sure the gap on all the spark plugs are the same and the correct size. Too small
and you don’t get a full burn, too large and the spark might want to track. You
regularly rub your pet down with a diaper wipe which not only moisturizes the
pet’s skin but also gently removes loose hair and dander. A lint roller can collect
loose hair, but will not moisturize the animal or make it smell better. I have
always said that some tinnitus or head noise is normal. If you go into a sound
proof booth and normal outside noise is diminished, you become aware of
these normal sounds. We are usually not aware of these normal body sounds,
because outside noise causes communication disorders and noise loss. Noise is
sound that we have not selected to listen to.
Noise canceling is quite an annoying option, but it’s pretty much a high
frequency that you can kind of hear when turned on without any music from
head phones. It’s almost the same sound as you hear when a TV is on, and
this compared to what a single system achieves with outstanding detail and
highly accurate color reproduction suitable for the demands of high-end video
production—wide dynamic range, low color noise, high-contrast detail, etc.
After a lot of work over the winter months, I got the bike back together, and
it feels great, only now I hear a faint noise, kind of like a high pitch “whoooo”
between 40mph where I can just hear it and 60ish where it’s at its loudest. A
Boeing 727 co-pilot once collected 61 noise observations using a handheld
sound meter. He defined noise level as Low (under 88 decibels), Medium
(88 to 91 decibels), or High (92 decibels or more). Also, the pilot determined
that there are three flight phases: Climb, Add and Move; Seed, Leech and
Sleep; and Describe, Present, Release. I rushed to applaud the recent Supreme
Court ruling, telling our audience that it represented a huge, huge, huge move
forward to undercut efforts to commit fraud this fall. Anti-fraud efforts this
fall will supply our team with the evidence and stature it needs to rip apart
the competition. Horton heard a who in the silent forest of information.
Sometimes you just simply can’t put an end to what other people are thinking
and saying. I keep telling myself not to give a crap about what others might
think or say. Heck, they don’t even really know me yet, and I don’t want to
trouble myself.
If I cover the sensor hole in the left pillar, the overall sound is less, but the fan
speeds up and is high pitched (like a vacuum cleaner when you cover the hose
with your hand). I started a sound deadening project last week, and for this
application I dissolved 3% sound in water at 95ºC to hydrate it and then cool
it down. Once the noise is cooled, you can brush it on one piece of the calcium
infused fruit and lay another piece on top. Then we vacuum seal. The second
most important part of the process is to stimulate business activity in order to
increase sales tax revenues and to support real estate and increase property tax
revenues. In the context of these realities, it is apparent that we are currently
looking for a good, classic, hushed voice with experience releasing notes that
supply more than simple information. You contacted a variety of groups, sites
and specialty teams on our behalf, but in this society of researchers, no one
can provide that kind of audio service. Layout, lyricism, nonsense, playfulness,
stillness, description, intimacy, ambiguity—in a poem, anything can be an end.
You know how when you read a poem, you kind of hear it in a voice that’s
coming from the place where your ribs join? You were about to ask for your
turn when a voice squeaked from behind us. This was a real voice, booming
loud, sending molecules scattering every which way in giant waves through the
air. “Do I ever get a turn?” “I think you should go back to Sleep.” “I don’t!”
“Please. I was just joking.” “Got you!” Then the room went Silent. “Yes?”
“I miss you so much.” “…” “I miss your smile, your eyes, your voice. I miss
your everything.” “…” “Say something!” “I’m in no rush to push my projects
forward. Since I have a day job now it’s not so important to rush and get to
the point where these things are making money. I love my job and hope to be
working there for quite a long time!”
Sometimes you didn’t speak, and then people would scream and rush forward
and I would duck under your glare and disapproval and wish to crawl up inside
myself. But no one was ever as bright as you were; never. Say as I say, or you
shall never go forward. I pray, since we have come so far, that be it moon,
or sun, or what you please, and if you please to call it a rush or a candle,
henceforth I vow it shall be so for me. The only exception comes when I wake
up and seem to be perpetually chased by a monster to the extent that I suspect
the monster has invaded Manhattan for the sole purpose of hunting me
down. The silent voices of the people are begging to be heard and recognized;
therefore we should stop and listen. You cannot know any nation; its past and
its achievements, without first knowing the people who made all that possible.
Last night a friend told me that his Russian friends say that if you rush to see
all of Manhattan in the first few weeks, then you will have nothing left to look
forward to. Maybe.
I glared at you for a while, giving you a chance to defend yourself. Finally, you
sucked in an aggravated breath and shoved forward, your fists clenched tightly
at your sides. “Nothing to say? Fine. Just, fine.” This was the picture from the
bridge. Let me lead the way. Begin with the head rests for the seats, and work
your way down through all of the crevices to the carpet. Tip: If you have car
odor you are trying to control, spread out baking soda throughout the car
before starting to vacuum. As any sound engineer can tell you, noise can be
most easily stopped at its source. Acoustical ceiling tile will keep the sound that
originates in a basement recreation area from being carried throughout the
house. Remember when Your Voice, My Silent Voice and Our Silence went
to apply for the same job. Our Silence had more experience and education
than Your Voice. During the job interview, Our Silence made a request for an
interpreter and Your Voice opted not to. Two weeks later, Your Voice had a job
and My Silent Voice requested the following information from human rights
watch: the answer to the question was that only around 5% of people in each
group chose “watchful waiting,” or “active surveillance.” A small percentage
of people chose the job of sitting down with patience and explaining how these
treatments would affect quality of life. Some tinnitus or head noise is normal.
If one goes into a sound-proof booth and normal outside noise is diminished,
one becomes aware of these normal sounds. We are usually not aware of these
normal body sounds, because outside noise has a way of removing valuable
high frequency spectrum from even the good parts. I have tried the high values,
but that hacks the sound, creating even more noise. At low values it hacks the
beginning and end of sound, but while noise cancellation does seem good,
that’s about all it has going for it because Your Voice still sounds muffled, soft
and digital-like. Furthermore, my jawbone is too big and bulky to comfortably
put in my pocket, but it does allow us to enjoy crystal clear conversations, free
from annoying background noise.
Martin Luther King Jr. said that “Our lives begin to end the day we become
silent about things that matter.” As loyal Canadians and Americans, we are
compelled to work toward improving our communities, and that means
refusing to be ourselves. Conceiving of one other than one’s self at right angles
of impetus and freeness, and self devoted caring, one is able to affect a rush
of support. Hence, one’s self becomes an oedipal prismoid, the Superego
approves of the inner self in broad terms and with that comes a focus and
depth granted by resolution. Tears jumped into the corners of your eyes at just
that moment, but I could see you were fighting them away hard, so I didn’t
say anything. “Yes,” you said, gratefully. “Yes, I would love to.” “Great!” I said,
a rush of relief and exhilaration pounding in my chest. Now we have special
sensors to keep us from falling down the stairs. The system comes with invisible
walls, which sends a signal to keep us from passing through the wall. And, we
can be programmed to vacuum on a set schedule every week.
Yes, the whole idea is that the only people in the game are other players, but
this can create a vacuum. Well, in my experience, one of my biggest problems is
this very same fact. The stable auditory high turns into an auditory nightmare.
I then develop a multitude of minor issues such as eye twitching, sensitivity to
high frequency sounds, white noise, static, and distortion. I’m usually the last to
admit my own failure, but will this note change with road conditions or be one
continuous single pitched noise? What we have sounds like the old furniture
noises but higher pitched. It’s hard to describe but rather like a very high voiced
version of our National Anthem sung by five children (ages 6-8). I don’t think
I’ve ever heard the National Anthem performed better than this! An entire
arena remained completely silent throughout the entire performance.
I sigh at the thought of not seeing you again until Wednesday. Tuesday was
your day for home visits, so there wasn’t even the prospect of lunch to look
forward to. We met last Wednesday evening outside that charming old pub,
then returned to the job site and finished a long eight-hour rush to get done.
I was sooooo tired. I hadn’t worked like that in a long time. My feet hurt, my
back hurt, I was mentally tired but LOVED IT. Just sitting with you at the
Middlesbrough bus station wounded me. I tried to get a picture of the sign
that said Middlesbrough but we stopped a little too far forward. I don’t like
Middlesbrough. Everyone has a place they don’t like being and that’s mine.
You told me to go sit somewhere else with my mouth, and so with skill I rushed
onto the court, dragging you and the bus driver away before you got hurt. My
mouth sat on the sideline, continuing to film as you and I watched the fight,
shocked by what we saw in front of us. Unfortunately, the microphone caught
the sound of its own internal mechanism (I think it was the screen) and the
video we produced had an annoying ringing noise.
Personal Wealth Advice, let’s put a lens on exactly that, Personal Wealth Advice.
I have two points I’d like to make. Whenever I saw you around during the day,
you would say hi to me, and make sure I had gone to see which sororities and
fraternities asked me back for the next night of Rush, and you generally helped
me make the right decision to stick with Rush. Secondly, you taught me that
sound is produced by a fan revolving at high speed. While for some it wouldn’t
be much of a bother, and some may even like the white noise produced, there
would be individuals who hate listening to a constant voice. I fought to hold
onto that lifeline, suddenly certain that voice was important beyond measure.
It had been so long since I’d heard it. Other voices had come and gone, but
never once had this voice spoken to me. Until now. In fact, you have been a
voice for the silent majority on many occasions over the past eight years.
Your campaign has always been a tricky exercise, especially as you found
yourself stuck with an unpopular president. I have to say it was refreshing to
see police cars and not automatically worry about getting pulled over. Don’t
get me wrong, sometimes the evening rush hour traffic was a bitch. Remember
when you and I were stuck between those two mountains and we saw a Flash
on the horizon? You sat outside the mental hospital before driving home and
woke me up to ask what time it was and if I was going to work. I told you I
had to stop to get something and it just took awhile. Then I asked if something
was wrong. You seemed upset. You could easily have picked up some noisecanceling headphones, which use internal microphones to generate another
set of white noise sounds that drown out the ambient noise around you. You
then reminded me that white noise isn’t quite loud enough to cancel out our
really noisy society.
Inside the dome of my mind’s eye I can create a vacuum, with absolutely
no atmosphere. Instead of repelling dangers, I simply form a dome around
them. The requirements of this effort on my mind are disorientating, as
I simultaneously performed the job of sitting down with our patients and
explaining how these treatments were going to affect quality of life. Only
around five percent of the patients in each group chose “watchful waiting,” or
“active surveillance,” a small percentage advocated for scaling down workload.
We were able to assist your valuable employees in scaling down work overloads
by employing sufficient staff, improving systems and workflow, and by creating
partnerships with other companies. You created a balance. You provided
yourself with a good news team and affirmed that the exit interviews would
not create any vacuum in leadership. Then, you rushed forward to take me
into custody. When it was all over and done with, you escorted me outside and
threw me in the back of your car, so you could drive me to mental health. The
threat is now over, but my body has yet to recover.
As the angels reminded the apostles on that hill outside Jerusalem, the ending
only comes when Jesus returns as judge to close the age, and, exaltation into
glory, a victorious ascent plays an important role. This theory is most often
attributed to a Scottish physicist who proposed about 40 years ago that the
vacuum between the stars is not empty but made of a fabric that extends
infinitely in all directions. If anything I toned his idea down to make it actually
believable. Every opinion I wrote was based on fact and first hand observation.
I guess the saying “the truth hurts” is spot on accurate because I got many
responses both for and against. I shrugged it all off, and a while later, crossed
my arms again over my chest and the same thing happened, but even more
pronounced. There was no pain just this weird “moving” vibrating sensation.
It almost felt like liquid squishing around. It’s certainly a possible trend, but it’s
doubtful that we’ll move from “all free time being devoted to TV” to “all free
time being devoted to creating.” After all, one must consume things in order to
create things created in a vacuum.
a note on process
This work, Sound Noise, is the second section of a book project that shares
the same title. The first section, Lip Service, published as a chapbook by Slack
Buddha (2009) was composed using google news alerts employing four search
terms of four words each over the course of a month. The third section,
Basic Hearing, was composed using google groups alerts employing sixtyfour search terms of four words each over the course of a day. The search
terms were generated from an erasure of the introduction to a book entitled,
Basic Hearing Science. This section, Sound Noise, was composed using google
blog alerts employing sixteen search terms of four words each over the course
of a week. The search terms were pulled from a wikidpedia article on the
mechanics of speech production.
The resulting source text for this section was lightly edited and rearranged.
All pronouns in the text were changed to gender neutral first and second
person pronouns and verb tenses were shifted.
Images accompanying the text were generated by using the same search
terms in google image search and selecting images from the first two pages of
results. The images, in the order they were found, were then interleaved with
the text after being subjected to a process of photocopy degradation.
Search terms:
manner speech sound nasal
pronounce vibrate brief call
contact production place stop
called syllable increase together
vocal air articulate vibration
behavior liquid substance dialect
flow oral voice voiceless
resonant outward power lungs
voiced voicing silent release
ribs diaphragm mechanism other
burst resonant resonance cavity
rely upward movement occasional
sounds noisy noise high
occur downward create vacuum
pitched pitch represent momentary
rush forward outside say
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