Victor | 0645 | Instructions / Assembly | Victor 0645 Instructions / Assembly

Victor® Plunger-Style Mole Traps
To Set & Place the Mole Traps:
1. To identify active mole tunnels, flatten out all
tunnels. Wait 24 hours. Tunnels that resurface are
most likely the active tunnels. Set traps in these
2. Make a depression in the roof of the main tunnel by
pressing down with your thumb.
3. Center the trap on the tunnel, with the trap pan
directly over the depression you’ve made with your
4. Push trap down until spears have bottomed out.
5. Preset spear holes by plunging spears up and down
they travel easily to the bottom on their own.
6. Before setting the trap, make sure the firing latch is
OUTSIDE the pan.
7. Holding the trap frame in place, rapidly pull upward
handle until the firing latch snaps over the pan.
T handle down until latch catches.
on T
8. Trap is set. If necessary, apply slight downward
to ensure pan is fitting IN the thumb depression
is contacting the roof of the tunnel.
9. Trap has fired. Remove mole.
NOTE: Safety pin should be reinserted whenever
sprung mole traps are removed from ground.
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