Dimex | 1981-RFLL | Installation guide | Dimex 1981-RFLL Installation Guide

E-Z Connect® Premium Landscape Edging
Installation Guidelines
Using a straight edge spade, make a trench along the bed
area where edging is to be installed. Trench should be
approximately 3.5” deep, depending on desired finished
edging height.
Slide connectors into track system with locking pegs facing
toward pre-drilled holes on each edging piece. Locking pegs
should click into pre-drilled holes on each of the edging
pieces, providing a clean, locked joint without overlapping.
Place edging in the trench with the track groove toward the
planting bed. Note that installers may find it easier to
connect all pieces before placing edging in trench.
Push anchoring hooks vertically, through pre-drilled holes in
track system and into ground. For best results, place hooks
evenly throughout installation.
In tougher soil conditions, installers may need to use a
hammer or rubber mallet to gently pound the anchoring
hooks to secure edging at proper depth.
Tightly pack soil around edging and install landscape fabric
and ground cover (decorative stone, mulch, etc.) to the top of
the edging.
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