Bluworld of Water | GF6SG | Instructions / Assembly | Bluworld of Water GF6SG Instructions / Assembly

We strive to make your installation experience just as pleasant and relaxing as our fountains. Our “Certified Simple” instructions
require no tools and can have you enjoying your fountain within minutes of unpacking. Follow the 5 simple steps below to create
your own urban oasis.
FYI: You will need an addtional 7” above the overall height of your fountain to access the disperser bar and light tray located under the header for
maintainence. When selecting your fountain placement please keep this in mind.
We advise running your fountain 24/7 whenever possible. Standing water will grow algae or become slimy when stagnant. Running your fountain
continuously, while maintaining the proper water level will keep the maintenance down to a minimum and lengthen the life of your pump.
Often people are tempted to use chlorine or bleach to clean their fountain, this is unfortunately one of the worst things you can do. Chlorine or most
products ending in “ine” or “ide”will ruin a finish quickly and damage your pump. We recommend non-toxic additives like Fountec (an algaecide)
and Protec (a mineral and scale preventative) should you use tap water. These are available through your authorized Bluworld dealer or Bluworld
*If you plan to use your Gardenfall outside, contact customer service for an oudoor power cord and transformer.
If you are placing your fountain on a hard flooring surface such as wood or tile please use the
included peel and stick rubber pads for protection against marring. Place one pad on all four
corners of the bottom of the base (Fig 1.A). If placing on carpet you may skip this step.
When considering a location keep in mind the closest electrical outlet and ease of
accessibility for maintenance. Once you have settled on a location for your Gardenfall position
the base so the electrical access hole is to the rear.
Determine the front of the panel. For clear glass Gardenfall
fountains the PVC disperser located at the top of the panel
indicates the front or “flow side” of the panel. Placement of the
panel inside the base will require two people. Note the LED light
cord has been carefully fed through the panel upright at our factory.
Place the LED light cord inside the base.
Carefully slide the panel into the base (Fig 3.A). Make certain both
panel legs are touching the bottom of the base and are not sitting
on the light cord. Feed the light cord out through the electrical
access hole on the side of the base. With the panel now in place
you will need to tighten the thumb screws in the base. There are
two screws on each side to secure the panel in a vertical position
(Fig 3.B).
Locate the pump, micron filter and flow valve with the“Quick Connect” assembly. Simply thread the flow valve and “Quick Connect” to the
micron filter, then connect the assembly by screwing it into the pump output port (Fig 2.A)(Do not over tighten). Your pump has a vibration
dampener affixed to one side. This pad will rest on the bottom of the base. Make certain the flow adjuster’s red handle is facing up for easy
access (Fig 2.B). Place the entire assembly inside the base with pump pad side down. Take the pump cord and feed it through the electrical
access hole (Fig 2.C).
Locate the LED Light tray. Inside the top of the tray is the remote
receiver and the transformer. The LED light tube is to the front.
You will need to plug in the light cord coming out of the top of the
panel upright into the transformer. Note there are two tabs on
either side of the light tray, these tabs rest inside the panels
uprights. Take the power cord and feed it through the opening
under the left tab. Lower the Light tray onto the fountain uprights.
Place the tabs inside each upright opening and center the light
tray from left to right . Push the light tray back so it is in full
contact with the stainless steel spill over lip.
Slide the Header over the top of the light tray and fountain. Plug
in the LED light cord into your electrical outlet. Read the Remote
Control Guide for more information about the LED light displays
and operation.
We strongly suggest the use of distilled water. Fill the base with water, see below for your
models water requirements:
GF6 Center Mount-12 gallons GF6 Rear Mount-10 gallons
GF8 Center Mount-17 gallons GF8 Rear Mount-15 gallons
The water level must be maintained at least 1”-2” above the pump. If the water level drops
below the pump, splashing and damage may occur. This will also void the warranty.
Never operate your fountain dry or with low water levels.
Before turning on your fountain for the first time make certain the flow adjuster is fully
open, having the flow valve in a closed position puts excessive pressure on the pump and
may cause it to overheat and break. Plug in the pump cord. The flow valve lets you
increase or decrease the amount of water flowing over the waterfall. You will need to adjust
the flow valve to the proper rate for solid water coverage but not so fast that it causes
splashing. Turn the flow valve down if the pressure is too strong and splashing occurs.
Install the Rock Tray(s) and spread Rocks evenly throughout the tray(s).
LED Remote Control Guide
Bluworld HOMelements Warranty
Bluworld HOMelements Fountain Warranty 2015
1. Remote Control Technical Information
Power Supply: AAA battery 3 pcs. (not included)
Working Voltage: DC 12V/24V
Receiver Range: Up to 60 ft. or 20 meters
2. Button Functions
Key 1: On/Off
Key 2: Change Color Mode (15 different functions)
Key 3: Change from White to Color Lighting
Key 4: Increase Brightness/Speed
Key 5: Decrease Brightness/Speed
3. How to Use Your Gardenfall Remote Control
Increase Speed
or Brightness
Bluworld products are warranted against defects that render it unfit for its reasonably intended use. This Warranty is not
extended to cover use of the product for a purpose other than as intended, and if the product is used unreasonably, or for
purposes other than as intended, or if it is altered, modified by a party other than Bluworld, then the Warranty shall be null
and void. Our manufactured products are warranted for a period of 1 year against defects. This 1 year warranty covers all
fountain metal work, finish, LED lighting and other performance issues. All pumps and pump/light electrical combinations
are warranted for a period of 6 months. The fountain and pump warranties are in effect beginning from the date of sale to
the original retail purchaser and the rights under this Warranty are limited to the original retail purchaser. Bluworld will upon
written notification thereof, take commercially reasonable steps to correct such defects (see “manufacturers defects
below”), at Bluworld’s sole discretion, by suitable repair, replacement, or refund. Bluworld will not be responsible for the
installation, labor or any other costs or expenses related to the re-installation of a warranted part, and such expenses are
the manner and for the period of time provided above, shall constitute fulfillment of all liabilities of Bluworld to any Dealer
with respect to the goods, whether based on contract, negligence, and strict tort or otherwise. Bluworld contract sales
personnel, including but not limited to authorized Dealers and Resellers (collectively, "Sales Personnel"), are not authorized
to make warranties about Bluworld merchandise.
Lights On/Off
Color Change Mode
15 Options available
Change from
White to Color
Decrease Speed
or Brightness
1. Press Key 1/Red Button to turn lighting On/Off in any state.
Color Ring
2. Press Key 2 to activate the color change mode. Keep pressing
to view different options. Select from 15 different functions.
3. Press Key 3 once to activate the white light mode. You can increase or
dim the lighting by using Key 4 or Key 5. Press Key 3 twice to activate
the color ring, change brightness by using Key 4 or Key 5.
4. Change the color of the light by selecting any color on the Color Ring.
Slide your finger around the Color Ring to make your selection.
5. To sync the remote to the light (Note: You will not need to do this when
first out of the box). Press Key 4 once when first turned on within 3
seconds. The light will blink 3 times to indicate the remote is synced.
6. Caution: Do not touch the Color Ring while loading batteries to protect
the sensitivity. Turn the LED lights on immediately after the batteries are
loaded for the first time. Replace the batteries when you find the remote
is no longer responsive.
ORAL STATEMENTS DO NOT CONSTITUTE WARRANTIES. Oral statements made by Bluworld employees or other Sales
Personnel shall not be relied upon by a Dealer or client and shall not become part of any contract for sale. The entire sales
contract between a Dealer or client and Bluworld will be set forth in the invoice and/or accompanying or reference
documents provided by Bluworld to the Dealer or client or Sales Personnel. No other warranties are given beyond those set
forth in those documents. Please be aware that you may have valuable rights under the state law in which you reside.
Some of the provisions of this Warranty may be prohibited by your state law in which case your state law will govern and
control. Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the above
limitation or exclusion may not apply to you. Some states do not allow limitations on how long an implied warranty lasts, so
the above limitations may not apply to you. This Warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other
rights which vary from state to state.
Select From 15 Different Light Show Displays Below
All Colors
3 Colors blink
and change
7 Colors blink
and change
3 Colors fade
7 Colors fade
Red blinks
Blue blinks
Purple blinks
8 Brightness/Speed settings press Key 4 or Key 5 to adjust
8 Brightness &
Speed settings
press Key 4 or
Key 5 to adjust
8 Brightness &
Speed settings
press Key 4 or
Key 5 to adjust
Green blinks
Yellow blinks
Cyan blinks
White blinks
Red and Blue
Green and Blue
Red and Green
8 Brightness &
Speed settings
press Key 4 or
Key 5 to adjust
8 Brightness &
Speed settings
press Key 4 or
Key 5 to adjust
Please do not cover or
touch the Color Ring
when installing batteries.
Our experience has shown that in practically 100% of incidents that any defect is apparent within a week of installation and
use. Appearance defects should be noticed upon unpacking the fountain. We have found that finishes have ‘failed’ due to
poor maintenance, local water conditions with minerals affecting the finish, attempts to clean with harsh chemicals or
abrasive pads being used. Performance of water flow, spitting, and other “leaks” are usually caused by debris getting into
the fountain, buildup of minerals, algae from poor water or lack of maintenance. Pumps can also fail due to water levels
not being maintained in the reservoir and this is not covered by the warranty.
Manufacturers Defect defined - A distinct and obvious flaw in the manufacturing of the product that inhibits the product’s
ability to function properly or a distinct and obvious flaw in the workmanship of the product that affects its physical
appearance. Bluworld water features are manufactured under generally accepted manufacturing techniques as recognized
by the International Organization of Standardization. Our products are handmade and hand finished thus minor scratches in
materials within accepted ranges are not considered defects.
Slate- Many of our products contain natural slate. Slate can vary to a large degree and that individuality is what is
considered to be unique and inherent to the beauty of the natural product as no two are exactly alike. Photos in our
marketing materials are representative of our slate products but should not be relied on to duplicate the photo. We use
natural mined slate in our products. Personal taste in the appearance of slate is not considered a reason for a return.
Bluworld HOMelements
Easy Install Guide for 72” and 90” Models
Congratulations on purchasing your new Gardenfall fountain. Unpack and inspect the contents of the boxes
carefully before attempting to assemble this unit. In the unlikely event that any component is damaged or
missing please contact Bluworld HOMelements Customer Service at 407-426-7674 or toll free 888-499-5433.
Read on to get started enjoying your fountain in 5 easy steps.
Parts List
Pump and Micro Filter/Flow Valve
LED Light Kit/Remote Control
Rock Tray(s)
Peel n’ Stick Pads
Polished River Rocks
Download PDF