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Please check the contents of the boxes before attempting to assemble this product. A full checklist of parts is in this instruction booklet. Check it very carefully. In the unlikely event that any components are damaged or missing, please contact our customer service hotline at 407‐426‐7674. 2.
Assemble as near as possible to the point of use. Take extreme care when lifting to avoid personal injury or damage to the product. 3.
This product contains small items and plastic bags. Please be aware of the danger to young children. 4.
A Pencil, Phillips Screwdriver, Level, and a Measuring Tape will be required for installation. ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTIONS 635 W. Michigan Street Orlando, FL 32805 · PH 407-426-7674 · Fax 407-426-7721 ·
Identification of Components A. Water Pump (model may vary)
C. LED Light Fixture
F. Reservoir Tray
H. Wall Bracket
B. Flow Control Valve (Inside Reservoir)
D. Wire Clips
E. EZ Anchor
G. Wall Spacer Pad
I. Water Guiding Pad
a. Try to position your fountain near an electrical outlet. The fountain should not be used outdoors with the transformer
provided. Should you wish to use outdoors a pump with an outdoor rated transformer or A/C pump rated for outdoor
b. When considering the location of your fountain, please consider making it easily accessible for maintenance (e.g.
adding water, cleaning etc.)
Consider the surface on which your waterfall will be placed. This feature can be mounted on sheetrock with wood
studs, metal studs, and can be mounted on tile or concrete. Due to the light weight nature of this fountain, it is not
necessary to mount into studs but you MUST use EZ anchors for any screw that does not hit a stud.
Mount indoors only. It is not recommended to place Powder Coat models in direct sunlight.
e. ** It is critical that your waterfall is level as this will ensure even water flow. **
Section 1 ‐ Initial Prepping Step 1.1
Remove Contempo™ Fountain from its shipping carton.
Step 1.2
Adhere the Wall Spacer Pad (G) to the back of the unit as shown in Fig 1.2 below.
Fig 1.2
Section 2 – Pump Installation Step 2.1
Locate the Water Pump (A). Place the Water Pump (A) into the reservoir and run the pump power cord
through the notch behind the fountain as shown in Fig 2.1 below.
Step 2.2
Push the Flow Valve (B) into the Water Pump (A) output port as shown in Fig 2.2 below.
Fig. 2.1
Fig. 2.2
Section 3 – Light Installation Step 3.1
Locate the LED Light Fixture (C).
Step 3.2
Install the LED Light Fixture (C) by sliding it down from above the fountain as shown in Fig 3.2A. The tabs
need to slide into the hem as shown in Fig 3.2B and C
Step 3.3
Disconnect the power cord from the LED Light Fixture (C) as shown in Fig 3.3. Run the power cord behind the
bracket as shown in Fig 3.3.
Step 3.4
You are provided with wire clips to neatly run LED Light Fixture (C) power cord down and behind the water
feature as shown in Fig 3.4.
Fig 3.2A
Fig 3.2B
Fig 3.3
Fig 3.2C
Fig 3.4
Section 4‐ Mounting the Water Feature Step 4.1
Locate your level tool and draw a line on the wall indicating the top of the waterfall. Measure down from the
line down approximately 8 ¾” and draw another line to indicate the center of the Wall Bracket (H). Using a
level, hold the Wall Bracket (H) to the wall with the top angled towards you. Mark both mounting holes on the
wall. Remember to double-check your measurements. See illustrations below.
Step 4.2
To install the EZ Anchors™ (E), gently tap or press the tip into the drywall and slowly screw the anchors into
the wall. See Fig 2.A. Make sure the flat side of the anchor is flush with the wall. Do not over-tighten the
anchors as this will render them ineffective, as well as damage the drywall. If you encounter a wall stud while
installing an EZ Anchor™ (E), use the mounting screw without the anchor. We only suggest using the
provided EZ Anchors™ since each one has a weight capacity of up to 50 pounds. Plastic anchors are not an
acceptable substitute.
Step 4.3
Install the Wall Bracket (H) using the 3 x 1” screws provided. Fig 2.C illustrates a correctly installed Wall
Bracket (H).
Fig 4.1
Fig 4.2
Fig 4.3
Section 5: Operating your Fountain Step 5.1
Unwind the Water Pump (A) and LED Light Fixture (C) power cords and run the wire for the light up and over
the back of the reservoir from behind the mirror As shown in Fig 5.1 . Make sure to run the LED Light Fixture
(C) Light power cord behind the bracket as shown in Fig 5.1.
Step 5.2
Lift your waterfall into place and engage the bracket on the back of the fountain by lowering it onto the Wall
Bracket (H) as shown in
Step 5.3
After mounting your fountain to the wall, fill the reservoir with water. The water level must be maintained at
least ¼” above the Water Pump (A). If the water level drops below the Water Pump (A), damage may occur.
Step 5.4
You can now plug in your Water Pump (A) and LED Light Fixture (C) into your designated GFCI electrical
Step 5.5
If necessary slowly open the Flow Valve (B) to achieve a nice water flow. As water begins to flow down the
panel, using the Water Guiding Pad (I) provided, you can guide the water to ensure that water flows down the
entire face of the panel evenly as shown in Fig 5.5. (Tip: Make sure when guiding the water with the Water
Guiding Pad (I) that your elbow is facing upward while guiding and spreading the water across the panel
during start-up. This will prevent water from running down your arm)
Step 5.6
Place Reservoir Tray in base as shown in Fig 5.6.
Fig 5.1
Fig 5.2
Fig 5.5
Fig 5.6
Bluworld’s Warranty has changed as of August 1, 2008 and supersedes all previous warranties for product purchased after
August 1, 2008. If there is printed material within this shipment it is considered void and the Warranty as stated below is policy.
Bluworld product is warranted against defects that render it unfit for its reasonably intended use. This Warranty is not
extended to cover use of the product for a purpose other than as intended, and if the product is used unreasonably, or for
purposes other than as intended, or if it is altered, modified or repaired by a party other than Bluworld, then the Warranty shall
be null and void. The Warranty is in effect for a period of six months beginning from the date of sale to the original retail
purchaser and the rights under this Warranty are limited to the original retail purchaser. Bluworld will, upon written notification
thereof, take commercially reasonable steps to correct such defects (see “manufacturers defects below”), at Bluworld’s sole
option, by suitable repair, replacement, or refund. Bluworld will not be responsible for the installation, labor or any other costs
or expenses related to the re-installation of a warranted part, and such expenses are not covered by this warranty. THIS
THE WARRANTY OF TITLE AGAINST PATENT INFRINGEMENT. Corrections of nonconformities, in the manner and for the
period of time provided above, shall constitute fulfillment of all liabilities of Bluworld to any Dealer with respect to the goods,
whether based on contract, negligence, and strict tort or otherwise. Bluworld contract sales personnel, including but not
limited to authorized Dealers and Resellers (collectively, "Sales Personnel"), are not authorized to make warranties about
Bluworld merchandise. ORAL STATEMENTS DO NOT CONSTITUTE WARRANTIES. Oral statements made by Bluworld
employees or other Sales Personnel shall not be relied upon by a Dealer and shall not become part of any contract for sale.
The entire sales contract between a Dealer and Bluworld will be set forth in the invoice and/or accompanying or reference
documents provided by Bluworld to the Dealer or Sales Personnel. No other warranties are given beyond those set forth in
those documents. Please be aware that you may have valuable rights under the state law in which you reside. Some of the
provisions of this Warranty may be prohibited by your state law in which case your state law will govern and control. Some
states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitation or exclusion may
not apply to you. Some states do not allow limitations on how long an implied warranty lasts, so the above limitations may not
apply to you. This Warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights which vary from state to state.
Our products are warranted for a period of six months against defects in finish, pumps and other product performance issues.
Light bulbs are not warranted. Our experience has shown that in practically 100% of incidents that any defect is apparent
within a week of installation and use. Appearance defects should be noticed upon unpacking the fountain. We have found that
finishes have ‘failed’ due to poor maintenance, local water conditions with minerals affecting the finish, attempts to clean with
harsh chemicals or abrasive pads being used. Performance of water flow, spitting, and other ‘leaks’, are usually caused by
debris getting into the fountain, buildup of minerals, algae from poor water or lack of maintenance. Pumps can also fail due to
water levels not being maintained in the reservoir and this is not covered by the warranty.
Manufacturers Defect defined - A distinct and obvious flaw in the manufacturing of the product that inhibits the product’s
ability to function properly or a distinct and obvious flaw in the workmanship of the product that affects its physical appearance.
Bluworld water features are manufactured under generally accepted manufacturing techniques as recognized by the
International Organization of Standardization. Our products are hand made and hand finished thus minor scratches in
materials within accepted ranges are not considered defects.
Slate- Many of our products contain natural slate. Slate can vary to a large degree and that individuality is what is considered
to be unique and inherent to the beauty of the natural product as no two are exactly alike. Photos in our marketing materials
are representative of our slate products but should not be relied on to duplicate the photo. We use natural mined slate in our
products. Personal taste in the appearance of slate is not considered a reason for a return.
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