Nantucket Pavers | 82302 | Use and Care Manual | Nantucket Pavers 82302 Use and Care Manual

The colors shown in our brochure are as accurate as printing and photographic processes allow. It is essential for the
customer to select products they want by inspecting each item for their approval in color during the daylight.
Every concrete product that contains a high cement content can suffer from Efflorescence. This is a natural
phenomenon which is beyond our control. The product may form patches of white which gives the impression that the
color is fading, however with time the patches will disappear as natural weathering takes place. Conditions where
condensation or rising ground water can permeate the concrete over an extended period, followed by slow drying, will
promote the formation of efflorescence. The efflorescence will be eroded by rain, which is slightly acidic. As nature
causes the problem, nature sometimes holds the cure. Efflorescence does not affect the durability and performance of
concrete in question. Nantucket Pavers can not be held responsible for this natural phenomenon.
Efflorescence can be removed mechanically by dry brushing or washing with chemical masonry cleaner. Nantucket
Pavers recommends Vexcon - Paver Reneu products for as chemical masonry cleaner. Paver Reneu Etch & Efflorescence
Remover is recommended– follow the instructions that come with the bottle. Before attempting to remove
efflorescence by these techniques it is recommended that trials should be carried out on samples, or a limited area, in
order to access the effect on the appearance.
De-icing Salt is not recommended for use on this product. The use of salt can affect both the durability and the looks of
the paving during continual freezing and thawing. Nantucket Pavers is not responsible for any product damage resulting
from the use of De-Icing Salt.
Should a product reach you in an unsatisfactory condition, and other than a naturally occurring one as described above,
the defect should have to be apparent prior to laying. It is at this point that the supplier should be notified of such a
fault, allowing time for the rejected product to be replaced. If the complaint is raised after laying the product, no
responsibility will be accepted for any delays, relaying or removing costs.
Nantucket Pavers recommends using a traditional “sand set” installation method for all of Nantucket Pavers products.
With this method you have greater control over your base and easier placement of blocks that may become damaged
over time. Nantucket Pavers DOES NOT recommend using Stone Dust/Quarry Dust base as an installation method.
Stone Dust/Quarry Dust does not allow adequate drainage of water and has also caused damage to the product due to a
substance in the dust. Nantucket Pavers is not responsible for any product that has been installed with Stone
Dust/Quarry Dust.
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