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Fresco Square Fire Pit Kit
with Insert
See back for assembly instructions
Rules for Safe Operation: Read and understand before assembly and use of fire pit
• Always use in accordance with all
applicable local and state fire codes
• Failure to follow these instructions could
result in a hazardous fire causing property
damage or physical injury
• Caution: For outdoor use only
• Use the fire pit on stone, dirt or sand surfaces
• For adult use only — do not allow children
to use the fire pit
• Do not use on lawns, wooden decks,
concrete or asphalt
• Do not use fire pit indoors or under a
patio roof
• Do not use in windy conditions
• Do not leave fire unattended at any time
• Do not use under tree branches, trellis, or
overhangs of any kind, including covered
• Do not use flammable liquids such as
gasoline, alcohol, diesel fuel, kerosene, or
charcoal lighter fluid to light or relight fires
• Care should be taken to make sure all
combustible material is far enough away
from the fire pit not to ignite it
• Avoid using softwoods such as pine or
cedar because they are likely to throw
sparks — hardwoods are recommended
• Keep children and pets away from the fire
pit while it is in use
• Exercise the same precautions you would
with any open fire
• Do not wear flammable or loose clothing
when tending an open fire
• Avoid touching surfaces as they will be
extremely hot
• Assure the fire is completely extinguished
before leaving fire pit
• Any modifications to this appliance may
be dangerous and are not permitted
Materials Needed:
• Tape Measure
• Marking Paint (for yards)
• Chalk (for marking patios)
Garden Rake
Paver Base
• Lava Rock
Rubber Mallet
Concrete Adhesive
Caulking Gun
Fresco™ Square Fire Pit Kit with Insert Assembly Instructions
Always use in accordance with all applicable local and state fire codes
If putting your fire pit on a lawn,
mark a 3'8" x 3'8" square and remove
all sod and roots inside the square.
Dig approximately 2 inches deep. If
putting your fire pit on a patio, mark
the square with chalk and skip ahead
to step 4.
Start at a corner to place 12
blocks on top of paver base. Lay them
tightly together to form the square.
Level each block front-to-back and
side-to-side. Make sure each block
is even with the previously leveled
block. Use a rubber mallet to level.
Start the 3rd course by placing
blocks in the same direction as the
first course. Then, line up and glue the
blocks as in step 6. Repeat for final
4th course by placing blocks in the
same direction as the 2nd course. Line
up and glue as directed in step 6.
Check the level of the soil inside
the square in all directions. Remove
soil from the high spots to bring it
close to level.
Add 1.5-2 inches of paver base to
your square and rake it level. Using a
tamper, pack the entire area of paver
base until firm. Make sure the surface
is level before laying blocks.
After the 1st course is set and
leveled, start the 2nd course by
placing blocks in the opposite
direction. Continue around the square.
Once the 2nd course is all lined
up, carefully remove one block at a
time and apply two thick beads of
concrete adhesive to the center of the
block. Reinstall the block and push
down firmly. Continue for all remaining
blocks on 2nd course.
9. After the adhesive cure time has
Lower the fire pit liner inside the
blocks. The outside flange of the liner
should be centered and rest on the
inside edge of wall block units.
lapsed, pour lava rock into the fire pit
until the level reaches the bottom of
the fire pit liner.
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