Encore Stone | 48TR | Instructions / Assembly | Encore Stone 48TR Instructions / Assembly

Granite Tree Ring
instructions / Materials
48” Outside Diameter
36” Inside Diameter
10” High
assembly steps
117 Stones in Kit (5 extra)
14 Stones per row.
8 Rows High (1.25” per row)
Select location for your Tree Ring,
if using lawn/dirt location mark a
48” circle on surface and dig 2”
down. Use level to ensure your
base is even.
Put approx 2” of paver base into
your circle - this MUST be tamped
level before laying Encore Stones.
Spray Paint
Silicone Gun
Rubber Mallet
Select 14 stones you will use for
your top row and set them to the
side.* Then take 14 more stones
and lay them on top of (the outer
edge) of paver base- rough side
facing up. Stones will have small
gaps between joints when laid;
which allows for drainage.
Repeat step #4 for rows 3-8, using
the first 14 pieces you set aside for
row #8(Don’t forget- install rough
side up). Stop every 2 rows and use
rubber mallet to tap any pieces that
may have shifted before the
construction adhesive fully cures.
*Rough side up is recommended for top row
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Tape Measure
Paver Base
Construction Adhesive
Once the first row is laid, apply a
bead of construction adhesive to
middle of stones and lay second
row on top of first row (always
rough side facing up), staggering
joints as shown in picture above.
materials needed:
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Once Tree Ring is built, add bags
of mulch or dirt (whichever you
prefer) to center and installation is
complete. Before using- check
construction adhesive tube for
exact cure time.
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