Athens Stonecasting | 04-010013MO | Use and Care Manual | Athens Stonecasting 04-010013MO Use and Care Manual

Patio Fountain
Care and Maintenance
1. Keep dirt and debris out of fountain and away from pump. If necessary,
unplug fountain and remove any leaves or other debris from pump intake.
2. Make sure water level covers entire pump to prevent pump burn out.
To protect your product from the freeze-thaw cycles that occur in winter. DO
NOT allow products to stand in water, snow or ice. Fountain Bowls must be
drained, overturned and covered. Any piece which can hold water, snow or
ice will absorb water through its surface during freezing weather and could
cause cracking, crumbling, and destruction to the finish. We will not make
adjustments or refunds for products that are damaged to freezing.
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