Solarrific | G3017 | Use and Care Manual | Solarrific G3017 Use and Care Manual

• Be sure to put enough water in the fountain,
especially on sunny days . . . always keep the pump
under the water surface.
This Water Fountain Kit is quick, easy to install, and will make any small
container into your very own water fountain. Totally solar, no wires or batteries
needed. Use in or outdoors. Three design pattern attachments will create
different water patterns.
Great for your deck, garden, patio, or entrance way. Create a relaxing
environment anywhere there is a source of sun.
• Change water frequently to keep the water clean to
avoid any debris which may impede the effectiveness
of the pump.
• Be careful to protect the solar panel to avoid any
• Keep the surface of solar panel clean constantly for
maximum solar power.
• Don’t put the solar panel with its control box in the
water, or it will be damaged.
• Power of Solar Panel: 6V/ 1.5W
• Size of Solar Panel: 5 x 4.25 inches
• Brushless Pump Input: DC 4.5-10V
These are the most common mistakes . . .
• Maximum Quantity of Flow: 175L/h
• Maximum Water Height: 55 cm or around 22 inches
• Running out of water in the pan . . . the pump and
nozzle must be submerged in water.
• Maximum Length from the Solar Panel to the Pump is 126 inches or
10.5 feet.
• Using corrosive, dirty, or heated water and clogging
the nozzle.
• Product Lifespan: over 20000 hours
To clean the pump, gently first remove the grid cap and
black round cap. Then, pull the white spindle out. Once
you see debris on the caps, spindle and hole, rinse them
with clean water.
• Delay: approximately 3 seconds
• This water fountain needs direct sunlight to pump water. It does not store
• Easy to set-up with a long life brushless motor.
Please put all the pieces back together tightly, especially
the round cap. It must be pressed tight and secured,
so that it can build up enough pressure to shoot out
the water.
• Put the pump totally in the water with it’s nozzle over the water. Be sure the
pump is fixed firmly on the bottom of the fountain to avoid vibration.
• Connect the plug of the pump to the jack of the solar panel and screw on the
• Put the Solar panel under sunlight and
remove the thin plastic film. Please place
the solar panel facing into the sun for better
energy accumulation.
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