Pure Garden | 50-0005 | Instructions / Assembly | Pure Garden 50-0005 Instructions / Assembly

Step 1: Locate the white plastic tube from the fountain top into the hole(1) in the bowl and gently push down.
Step 2: Place the pump in the water resovoir,Connect the tubing to the outlet of pump.
Step 3: Run the cable through the hole(3) of the bowl .
Step 4: Now simply fill with clean water and plug into a main outlet.
* If in doubt about any eletrical connections please consult a qualifiled electrician
Be careful not to spill water onto the plut of the pump.
*DO NOT allow the pump to run dry.
*This fountain is intended for outdoor use only.
*Place the fountain in a location where any water spills or splashing will not reach any other
electrical equipment or cause damage.
*Choose an appropriate location before installing the fountain. DO NOT lift or push/drag the water
basin to relocate the fountain when it's filled with water. Empty the water basin before lifting.
*Excessive weight or pressure on any of the fountain sections may cause it to tip or fall over. Keep
pets and children away from any of the fountain sections.
*Some splashing may occur. To avoid injury from electrical shock, observe basic safety precautions and comply with the following instructions:
*The pump on your fountain has no user-serviceable parts. Only an authorized service representative
should service the pump. Do not open the sealed pump housing as this may result in
electrical shock. Refer to enclosed pump maintenance guide for cleaning.
1. If your FOUNTAIN PUMP fails to operate please check the following:
a) Make sure the pump is it plugged into the socket properly.
b) Check the water level in the fountain. Running the pump without sufficient water can damage the pump.
c)Check the setting of the flow control on the pump. Check the pump outlet nozzle and the water tube for dirt and debris. Clean if necessary.
d)Make sure the pump is connected to the water tube tightly. Check the fountain tubing for kinks and obstructions.
e)The pump may be "air locked". Plug and unplug the pump several times to clear any air that may have been trapped.
2. If the water does not flow out of the fountain, it may be caused by kinked or loose water tubes, make sure water tubes are connected properly.
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