LADIES IN RED 121 Instructions / Assembly

LADIES IN RED 121 Instructions / Assembly
 Mid You Know?
95% Of all known insects are beneficial to humankind.
An adult ladybug can eat about 80 aphids per day.
A ladybug will lay about 1500 eggs during her lifespan. She will place her eggs in the middle of an
apnid colony to ensure her babies survival.
Ladybug babies will eat about 25 aphids per day even in their larvae stage.
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Adult ladybug lays egg
(5 Days later)
The ladybug larvae hatches, it looks like a small black alligator, and will sit on
leaves and eat insects.
(17 Days later)
The larvae turns into the pupae
(6 Days later)
The young adult ladybug emerges to start the cycle again.
The ladybug antennae are incredible. They are used for sensing, and must be kept clean.
The ladybug uses its legs to clean the antennae.
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