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1) Set your 6624N Bowl on your chosen area after ensuring the location is firm
and level. Rotate the Basin until the small channel underneath points toward
your power supply. (Always follow local electrical codes and connect only
to a GFCI protected circuit.) (Three people are ideal for lifting these heavy
fountain pieces.)
2) Preassemble components of the 5586A fountain top. Attach the long tube to
the barb under the AB870 Light. Then from the top, pass the tube and the light
power cord together down through the opening in the 5586A. Allow the light
ring to sit snug in the recess on top of the concrete piece.
3) Softly lay the 5586A on its side next to the 6624N Bowl, bottom close to
the bowl. Protect the 5586A with padding if this is on a hard surface. Slip
the Restrictor onto the bottom of the tube, tightening it just enough to hold
it in place. Push the wide end of the barb x barb adapter into the end of the
long tube.
4) Set the 5586B Riser in the center of the 6624N Bowl. Place the pump
in the middle of the bowl and push its power cord down through the center
hole. Push the light power cord down through the center hole also. Reach
under the fountain and pull both cords out the side along the channel built
for them.
5) Near the pump, open the rubber stopper and insert both power cords into the stopper’s two holes. Push the stopper tightly into the bowl’s
center hole, leaving about 1/8” of stopper above the bowl floor.
6) Insert the pump adapter into the pump exhaust. Push the short ½” tube over the pump adapter and over the barb x barb adapter on the end
of the other tube.
7) With plenty of help, lift the 5586A into place on top of the 5586B Riser. Fill the basin with water, read your pump and light instructions,
and plug both units into a GFCI outlet. If your pump does not start right away, there may be an “air-lock” within the water. Simply turn it
on and off a few times and it will clear.
IMPORTANT – WINTER CARE: Winter ice build-up can cause damage to concrete statuary. Follow these tips to reduce winter weathering to your fountain:
csd – 8/8/11
* Disconnect power to pumps and lights.
* Remove plugs / stopper in all fountain bowls to open drains and let all moisture out. Keep drains open throughout winter.
* Place an absorbant material like burlap, blankets, etc. inside vases/bowls and cover all with a Henri fountain cover.
* Do not allow snow or ice to build up on or against the concrete. Remove snow before it turns to ice. Do not use salt or chemical ice removers, as these
may damage concrete.
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