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1) The 4046F2 Fountain has a high center of gravity, so make sure to
set it on a firm and flat foundation.
2) Before setting up, place the rubber stopper around the pump cord,
about 10” from the pump. Thread the smaller barbed adapter into the
top of the pump and install the tube over the barb of the adapter.
Install the restrictor in the middle of the tube, tightening just enough
to keep it in place.
3) Set the Pedestal (bottom piece) in place, put the pump inside and
slip the power cord down through the inside hole – pulling it out the
bottom. Push the rubber stopper firmly into place in the cast in
4) Thread the larger adapter into the bottom of the Finial (top piece).
5) Hold the Finial over the Pedestal. Push the open end of the tube
over the adapter under the Finial. Then set the Finial in place inside
the Pedestal.
6) Use a level or fill with water and apply shims (provided) under
the Finial to make it level.
7) Read the pump instructions. With water in the fountain, plug the
pump into a GFCI protected circuit to enjoy your new Henri Studio
csd – 7/29/11
Winter ice build-up can cause damage to concrete statuary. Follow these tips to reduce winter weathering to your fountain:
* Disconnect power to pumps and lights.
* Remove plugs / stopper in all fountain bowls to open drains and let all moisture out. Keep drains open throughout winter.
* Place an absorbant material like burlap, blankets, etc. inside vases/bowls and cover all with a Henri fountain cover.
* Do not allow snow or ice to build up on or against the concrete. Remove snow before it turns to ice. Do not use salt or chemical ice removers
as these may damage concrete.
By following these simple and sensible precautions during the winter season, you will protect your fountain for years of beauty and enjoyment.
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