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Gateway recommends Microsoft® Windows® XP Tablet PC Edition.
Tablet Teaching and Learning
Program Benefits
• Learning is more student-centered as teachers use
class-management software to share student work.
• The convertible notebook is easy to use while
standing and walking around the classroom due
to its light weight, long battery life, and natural
writing surface.
• Taking advantage of the convertible PC’s wireless
technology and a wireless projector, the teacher is
no longer tethered to the front of the classroom.
• Teachers can capture students’ comments, making
immediate annotations on slides.
• Interactive whiteboard functionality can be
replicated with a Gateway convertible notebook
and a wireless projector.
• Teachers can add handwritten grades and
comments on electronically submitted work.
• Microsoft® OneNote® software allows lesson plans,
notes, or research to be easily organized.
• Anyone using a convertible notebook PC can rotate
the screen to present to small student work groups.
The Gateway® M280 Convertible Notebook
featuring Intel® Centrino® Mobile Technology
lets students and teachers work wire free.
• Digital textbooks can be downloaded, highlighted,
and annotated using the convertible PC’s digital pen.
• Students can save annotated notes and
electronically submitted and graded class work,
creating a natural repository for studying.
• Speech input can be converted to text if needed.
• Handwriting is converted to text without typing.
• Students can make their own annotations and
illustrations on the teacher’s slides, PDF files,
eBooks, or Web pages.
Gateway started a mobile computing revolution when we introduced Tablet PCs into the
classroom four years ago. Today, the unique combination of our convertible notebook
hardware and Microsoft’s pen-based operating system allows the technology to easily
adapt to different learning styles, including visual, auditory, and kinesthetic. Standardizing
on this flexible form factor can save schools and districts money by eliminating disparate
technology and simplifying support. More importantly, achievement can be improved
as students become active, engaged learners through the use of wireless connectivity,
a projector, and Tablet technology.
Gateway’s Tablet Teaching and Learning (TTL) Program
“Today’s kids are accustomed to a fast-paced, digital
world. By using a Gateway convertible notebook, we
are delivering lessons in the most effective medium
for teaching students.”
provides the innovative hardware students need to stay
— Josh DeWeerd, High School Teacher, Pocahontas Area
environment that can improve academic achievement.
Community School
engaged, the flexibility and training your teachers need
to easily adapt the technology to their teaching styles,
and the support you need to create an engaging learning
Gateway recommends Microsoft® Windows® XP Tablet PC Edition.
Tablet Teaching and Learning (TTL) is Gateway’s vision for achieving academic excellence
by combining best-of-class elements that are revolutionizing the world of portable
The Gateway Convertible Notebook PC
computing. This powerful teaching and learning program includes the following:
• The Gateway® Convertible Notebook — a Fully Equipped Notebook PC that Easily
Converts Into a Tablet PC
• Microsoft® Windows® XP Tablet PC Edition Digital Pen-Based Operating System
• Complementary Tools including a Projector Device, Interactive Whiteboard,
and More
The Gateway® M280 Convertible
Notebook features Intel® Centrino®
Mobile Technology for any time,
anywhere learning.
• Key Service and Support Offerings
The interaction of these components allows the students, teachers, and curriculum to
support different learning styles. TTL technology facilitates heightened interaction with
students and teachers, and connects classrooms with information, images, and meaning
through multiple resources, including the Internet.
To achieve academic excellence, the teacher must lead students to use the Tablet
technology on their convertible notebooks as a tool for:
• Communication — reading, writing, speaking, listening, and presenting/viewing.
• Research — via the Internet or the school’s LAN.
• Collaboration — with fellow students and experts inside and beyond their classroom.
• Critical Thinking — learning to analyze and synthesize rather than memorizing facts.
These learning objectives can best be met with new tools like the Gateway convertible
notebook PC, class spaces designed for collaborative learning, multiple activities, and
project-based learning that addresses state learning standards. In a TTL environment,
With the Gateway convertible notebook, you do
not have to choose either a notebook or a PC.
The system’s features include:
• Two Systems in One — A Tablet PC as well
as a Fully Equipped Notebook Computer
featuring Intel® Centrino® Mobile Technology
• Portable, Easy-to-Write-On, and Easy-to-Hold
Flat Convertible Notebook PC
• Pre-Loaded Microsoft® Journal and Microsoft®
OneNote® Tablet Software
• Continuous Sensing Technology™ for More
Natural Handwriting
students learn by doing.
• Extended Battery Power
To assure that “no child is left behind,” the teacher in the TTL environment also uses
• Natural Input, Including Typing, Handwriting,
and Speech Input
summative test data to drive instruction. These teachers lead their students in formative
assessment, using the Tablet technology on the convertible notebooks for immediate
feedback to determine how each learning activity needs to be adjusted to address
varied learning styles, and to maximize each student’s learning experience.
• Improved Connectivity
Through leading-edge handwriting and voicerecognition technology and devices such as the
digital pen, the Gateway convertible notebook
accommodates various forms of input, all related
to the way you and your students usually work.
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