IVC-32-HX Interface Card

IVC-32-HX Interface Card
Ecl ip s e H X Matrix
IVC-32-HX Interface Card
IVC-32-HX Interface Card
The IVC-32-HX card provides 32 channels of low latency,
high quality audio over any suitable IP network infrastructure
for Eclipse HX matrix frames.
Concert Connectivity
The IVC-32-HX card is a six rack unit
(6RU) interface frame card that provides
32 channels of IP connectivity. Each of
its 32 channels can be independently
configured for connection to V-Series
panels, Concert clients or Eclipse HX
matrices.The IVC-32-HX card uses
powerful signal processors to implement audio encryption and G.722
encode/decode allowing high quality
audio transport over fiber backbones,
microwave links and GSM networks.
Designed for operation on standard IT
networks, the IVC-32-HX card provides
simultaneous connectivity over LAN,
WAN or Internet infrastructures. Supporting N+1 card redundancy, a single IVC32-HX card can be configured to operate
as a hot standby for all other IVC-32-HX
cards in the same matrix frame. Up to
4 IVC-32-HX cards can be used in a
single Eclipse HX frame.
Each IVC-32-HX card can support up
to 32 Concert clients that are located
on a local IP network or are remotely
located over an Internet connection.
When connected, the Concert client
is fully integrated into the Eclipse HX
system, providing full-feature access
to matrix intercom communications
without the requirement of a physical
intercom panel.
V-Series Connectivity
With IVC-32-HX card installed in the
matrix frame, V-Series user panels
can operate remotely over IT network
cabling using either a local LAN, a
corporate WAN, or a global Internet
connection. All V-Series panels include
a built-in IP/Ethernet interface which
allows local or remote connection to its
host Eclipse HX matrix frame. A single
IVC-32-HX card can support up to 32
V-Series panels.
Key Features And Benefits
• Up to 32 channels of high quality, low
latency audio over IP infrastructure
• Connectivity over IP for Eclipse HX matrices,
V-Series user panels or Concert clients
• For use with: HX-Omega, HX-Median
and HX-Delta matrix frames
• Up to 4 cards can be installed
in a single Eclipse HX frame
• Compatible with V-Series IP-enabled panels
and Concert Clients v2.0 or higher
• Password protection of external connections
• AES 128 encryption (Internet mode)
• Requires EHX v7.5 software or higher
IP Linking and Tie-Lines
The IVC-32-HX card can be used to
connect any matrix via either a direct
tie-line connection or with intelligent
linking. IP tie-lines provide virtual 4-wire
to 4-wire connectivity to selected matrices
across an available IP infrastructure. IP
intelligent trunks provide automatically
managed communication channels
between selected matrices. Mesh
interconnect and gateway topologies
are supported allowing, for example, a
single frame with an IVC-32-HX card to
operate as a gateway to a local cluster
of fiber linked matrices.
Rear Panel
IVC-32-HX Interface Card
Hybrid Network
Concert Server
LAN, WAN, Internet
Eclipse HX-Median
Eclipse HX-Delta
Concert Client
Technical Specifications
Maximum cards
per frame: Channels: 4
32 bi-directional audio
channels per card
TCP/IP Ports Required: 1, configurable
Audio Passband: 100Hz – 7kHz
G.722 Codec: 16kHz sample rate
Protocols used: TCP/IP, UDP
Connectivity: CAT5/RJ-45
Compatibility: LAN, WAN, Internet
LAN: 100BASE-T full-duplex
IP Addressing: Static
LAN connected V-Series
panels (with eavesdropping logic off) 40ms min.
(end to end delay)
Minimum network
bandwidth (per
duplex connection): 1 80kb/s (WAN mode),
280kb/s (Internet mode)
Quality of service: TOS
Silence Suppression: Yes (Internet mode)
Forward Error
Correction: Yes (Internet mode)
Max jitter buffers: Variable depth per mode
NAT/Firewall Support: Yes
N+1 Redundancy: Option to configure
(combined cards): +3.3V, 3.5A
+5V, 0.7A
+12V, 0.05A
Front Card:
Rear Card:
3 2°F - +104°F
(0°C - +40°C)
- 67°F - +158°F
(-55°C - +70°C)
40 – 90%,
6 RU H x 11.8in D
(6RU H x 300mm D)
6RU H x 2.3in D
(6RU H x 58mm D)
2.14 lbs (0.97 kg)
Notice About Specifications
While Clear-Com makes every attempt to maintain the accuracy of
the information contained in its product manuals, that information is
subject to change without notice. Performance specifications included
in this manual are design-center specifications and are included for
customer guidance and to facilitate system installation. Actual operating
performance may vary.
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