Lithonia Lighting | IBH 11L MV | Instructions / Assembly | Lithonia Lighting IBH 11L MV Instructions / Assembly

What applications are best suited for the
I-BEAM® IBH LED high bay products?
The IBH family is suitable for general sales floor
illumination, gymnasiums, task lighting, light
commercial spaces, warehousing and manufacturing
spaces that are below 104°F (40°C).
What lumen packages are offered and what
are they called?
9000 lumens (9000LM), 12,000 lumens (12000LM),
18,000 lumens (18000LM), 24,000 lumens
(24000LM) and 30,000 lumens (30000LM).
What has changed since the original launch?
The light engine has been upgraded and is now more
efficient with an LPW>100. The 18,0000-lumen,
24,000-lumen and 30,000-lumen products are
mechanically very similar to the 12,000-lumen
product and are twice the length.
What are the fluorescent and HID crosses for
the new 18000LM and 24000LM products?
The 18000LM is a suitable cross for the 4-lamp
T5HO, 6-lamp T8 or 400W HID. The 24000LM
crosses to a 6-lamp T5HO or 8-lamp T8. As always,
many factors play into an accurate fixture selection.
Perform a layout in Visual® before finalizing your
choice. See page 3 of the specification sheet.
Should I be concerned about glare?
No, the IBH fixture comes with a factory-installed
acrylic diffuser that was designed to reduce glare
while keeping the luminaire efficient and attractive.
What is the life expectancy of the chips?
LM-80 predicts an L70 of 97,000 hours and L85 of
42,000 hours.
How do I dim the fixture?
0-10V dimming, down to 10% is standard. Simply
connect to any 0-10V commercial dimmer that is LED
compatible. We suggest any of the following:
ff ISD wallbox dimmer
ff SYRSP wall station
ff nPP16D nLight linear power/relay pack
ff MLS dimming system
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Is the IBH controllable, other than dimming?
The IBH fixture is fully compatible with all Sensor Switch®
controls, including nLight power packs and sensors,
motion sensors, photo sensor, nLight®, nWiFi™and
XPoint™ Wireless systems.
Is the IBH DesignLights Consortium® (DLC)
Not all versions of this product may be DLC qualified.
Please check the DLC Qualified Products List at www. to confirm which versions are qualified.
Is the IBH in stock?
Yes, significant stock is retained in our distribution centers
for immediate shipment.
What options and accessories are available?
IBH is offered with factory-installed sensors, cords and a
wire guard. Consult the specification sheet for details.
How is IBH listed?
IBH LED bay light is CSA Certified to U.S. and Canadian
standards. It is damp location listed and reliably operates
in the ambient range of -40°F (-40°C) to 104°F (40°C).
What is the warranty?
The luminaire is covered by a five-year limited warranty.
Complete warranty terms located at:
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