AutoDome Modular Camera System

AutoDome Modular Camera System
Modular Camera System
The only camera system ready to go wherever the future takes you
The AutoDome
Modular Camera System
The world of CCTV will never
be the same
Imagine a CCTV system that never becomes
obsolete. One that allows you to upgrade
functionality, adapt to changing security needs and
migrate to new technologies without even having to
The CPU Module determines
fixed or PTZ capability as
well as advanced functions
like privacy masking, motion
detection and tracking.
power down your system. One that features
advanced intelligence capabilities for capturing the
most accurate images possible, and IP functionality
for the most efficient transmission and storage of
Camera Module choices
include fixed or PTZ, color or
Day/Night and zoom range.
those images. This is the revolutionary concept
behind the IP-enabled AutoDome Modular Camera
System. With the new AutoDome, one camera and a
series of interchangeable modules adapts to your
changing security needs. The technology is
sophisticated, but the idea couldn’t be simpler.
The entire system is based on five types of
Housing Module options are
available for any indoor or
outdoor application.
The Communications Module
determines how video and
data will be communicated
to the matrix switch,
DVR or IP video system.
interchangeable modules: the CPU, camera, housing,
communications and power supply. Simply replace one
of the interchangeable modules to switch from fixed to
PTZ, upgrade from color to day/night, or add advanced
intelligence features like motion tracking and
IP communication. Never before have you been able to
adapt a system as quickly or inexpensively.
Power Supply Module
options meet your site
specific installation
requirements, whether
indoor or outdoor, and are
protected against
unexpected surges in power.
Upgrading your CCTV system
is now as simple as changing
a lightbulb
AutoDome’s flexible, interchangeable modules allow you to make whatever changes you need without
buying a new system or installing new cameras. It’s the last camera system you’ll ever need to buy –
the only system that can future-proof your security investment. And it’s only available from Bosch.
Just remove the bubble…
Take out the “hot swap” fixed camera module…
Put in the new “hot swap” PTZ camera module…
And replace the bubble.
A 200, 300 or 500i CPU Module and PTZ Camera Module are required to add pan/tilt/zoom functionality to an AutoDome 100 Series dome.
As your security needs change, you can expand the functionality of your system by simply replacing the fully interchangeable
CPU, camera and/or communications modules. The main unit remains intact. So you can start with a 100 Series stationary
camera with the most basic features today and move up to an advanced 500i Series PTZ with image stabilization, motion
tracking and alarm handling rules engine tomorrow – all as quickly and easily as changing a lightbulb.
100 Series
Dome type
Optical Zoom Range
Fixed Dome
200 Series
300 Series
500i Series
High-speed PTZ High-speed PTZ High-speed PTZ
5x, 10x
18x, 26x, 36x
18x, 26x, 36x
Standard Features
Fully interchangeable CPU, communications
and hot-swap camera modules
540 TVL high resolution camera
Wide dynamic range camera
Day/Night IR sensitive camera
SensUp frame integration
UTP and coax transmission
Hybrid analog/IP connectivity
Bilinx remote configuration
Cable compensation
Ruggedized, vandal resistant enclosure
Advanced Features
AutoTrack II object tracking
Video motion detection
Digital Image Stabilization
Privacy masking and sector blanking
Programmable alarm handling “rules”
only 36x models
See it all with exceptional
clarity and control
AutoDome camera modules are available with state-of-the-art technologies that are designed to deliver
optimal image clarity, camera control and sensitivity. Whatever the situation, Bosch technology makes it
easy to capture clear images.
High-resolution optics — With horizontal resolution of up to 540 TVL, Bosch generates more TV lines than conventional
CCTV cameras, resulting in dramatically sharper images for clearer and more accurate identification.
Precise camera control — Bosch patented AutoScale
proportional zoom technology automatically reduces
pan and tilt speeds in proportion to the depth of
zoom, ensuring precise camera control regardless of
zoom level. AutoPivot automatically rotates the
camera 180° once it tilts past the vertical position to
maintain correct image orientation.
Enhanced sensitivity — SensUp shutter control
automatically slows shutter speeds to as long as one
full second, increasing sensitivity by more than
50 times for clearer images in low light.
Extended zoom — Get tight close-ups with optical zoom
lenses from 18x to 26x, or an industry-leading 36x plus a
full 12x digital zoom once the end of the optical zoom is
With Wide Dynamic
Without Wide Dynamic
Wide dynamic range — Select AutoDome cameras
Day/Night capability — Day/Night cameras automatically
also incorporate an advanced backlight
switch from color to monochrome, enhancing sensitivity for
compensation technology that dramatically improves
infrared illumination to provide high-quality images even in
the dynamic range by as much as 128 times, resulting
low-light conditions.
in clear image reproduction in extreme high contrast
Tested tough for proven reliability
The AutoDome Modular Camera System builds
Rigorous endurance testing — All models are subjected
on over 10 years of designing and manufacturing
to Highly Accelerated Life Testing (HALT), Highly
PTZ dome systems. Bosch subjects the
AutoDome to the most comprehensive and
Accelerated Stress Screening (HASS) and Multiple
Environmental Over Stress Testing (MEOST) to measure
endurance and to ensure reliability.
rigorous battery of endurance tests in the
industry so you can be assured of years of
reliable operation.
Durability assured — Dome housings are tested to
ensure resistance to water ingress, corrosion, ultraviolet
rays, and impact.
Extreme conditions testing — Domes and components
are subjected to extreme temperatures, voltages and
vibrations to determine true operating limits.
Quality guaranteed — All AutoDome systems are backed
by an industry-leading 3-year warranty.
Improved design — The new compact housing is 15%
Superior Ingress Protection — All AutoDome pendant
smaller than the previous generation AutoDome and all
enclosures – indoor and outdoor – are IP66/NEMA 4X
tethers have been replaced by hinges, for safer, easier
rated, impervious to dust and protected from strong jets
installation. The hinged arm provides access to the
of water. The EnviroDome outdoor enclosure has been
power supply without taking down the dome and built-in
completely redesigned to offer superior corrosion
surge suppression protects all power, data and video
inputs. EnviroDome models include an improved heater/
blower that prevents fogging down to -40°C (-40°F).
Improved vandal resistance — The protection of a
The “XT” extreme temperature kit extends EnviroDome’s
rugged polycarbonate bubble, recessed set screws and
operating range down to a frigid -60°C (-76°F).
recessed bubble latch are standard on all AutoDome
Advanced intelligence
for advanced capabilities
The true intelligence of the AutoDome Modular Camera System lies within the CPU module.
For the most advanced functionality of any dome camera available, turn to the 500i Series CPU.
With built-in image stabilization, motion detection, and a sophisticated alarm handling rules engine,
the AutoDome 500i is unrivaled in the CCTV industry. And even if you don’t need these advanced
capabilities now, the modularity of the new AutoDome gives you the ability to quickly and easily
upgrade to them in the future.
AutoTrack II with virtual masking accurately tracks subjects without getting confused by swaying trees or other moving objects.
AutoTrack II — The Bosch revolutionary and award-winning automated motion tracking system, AutoTrack, has been
further enhanced in the 500i Series. It contains an advanced DSP, which provides real-time video processing for
incredibly smooth object tracking. The new AutoTrack II also has the ability to continuously follow an object even if it
passes behind a privacy mask. It also uses Bosch’s unique virtual masking technology, which creates invisible masks so
the camera ignores any motion that occurs in that area. This enables AutoTrack II to ignore extraneous background
motion, making it ideal for indoor and outdoor applications.
Video Motion Detection (VMD) — With the AutoDome 500i Series, motion detection software can be configured to
create a region of interest within multiple preset positions where motion is to be detected. AutoDome VMD is much
more accurate than detection based on movement of a camera’s focus motor, which competitive cameras rely on. VMD
also takes advantage of Bosch virtual masking to ignore prescribed areas of motion.
With the advanced image stabilization software of the 500i Series, camera shake is eliminated for
exeptional clarity.
Privacy Masking
Superior Privacy Masking — Unlike conventional masks,
Advanced Alarm Control — This new concept in
these can be configured with three, four or five corners,
flexibility goes far beyond ordinary alarm handling. In its
allowing you to cover more complex shapes. You can
most basic form, a rule defines which input(s) should
even choose among black, white or blurred masks –
activate which output(s). In a more complex form, a rule
an essential option when privacy is required but motion
can be programmed to take any combination of input(s)
detection is still necessary.
and specific keyboard command(s) to perform a dome
function. There is virtually no limit to the combinations
Digital Image Stabilization — As zoom ranges are
that can be programmed, making the standard dome
extended, image stabilization becomes increasingly
software adaptable to any application.
important. The image stabilization algorithms of the 500i
Series eliminate camera shake for exceptional image
clarity. Bosch achieves this clarity without reducing
camera sensitivity or picture quality.
IP flexibility and integration
maximize your investment
The new AutoDome Modular Camera System is now
For those who aren’t ready to convert completely to IP,
IP-enabled, making it the perfect technology bridge
AutoDome offers true hybrid connectivity. By allowing
between traditional analog systems and the advanced
the simultaneous support of IP and analog formats,
benefits of digital video solutions. And unlike other IP
AutoDome lets you make the transition to IP on your
domes, with AutoDome there is no loss of functionality
terms. Your sizeable investment in analog technology is
with our IP models. Retain all the features you need
protected as you decide on an IP migration strategy.
while improving connectivity and communication.
You can then move to IP at your own speed – all at once
or one camera at a time. Rather than forcing you to
AutoDome cameras capture and store images efficiently
choose one or the other, we give you both.
using MPEG-4 encoding and compression, which also
delivers DVD-quality 4CIF video at rates up to 30 images
The AutoDome Modular Camera System also maximizes
per second. Tri-streaming, bandwidth throttling and
your investment by easily integrating with the entire line
multicasting capabilities deliver the best image quality
of Bosch surveillance products, including Allegiant
and resolution while making efficient use of bandwidth
matrix switchers, DiBos and Divar digital recorders,
and storage.
and the VIDOS IP-based video management system.
Combining the complete line of Bosch products lets you
count on one reliable manufacturer for an integrated,
low-maintenance CCTV system for any application.
PTZ Camera
Analog Cameras
PTZ Camera
Analog Cameras
IP PTZ Camera
VideoJet Encoder
w/Local Recording
Dinion IP
Network Cameras
IP PTZ Camera
Storage Array
Digital Recorder
PTZ Camera
Local Analog
VIP Series
IP Cameras
VIP Series
DiBos IP Recorder
Satellite Decoder
Matrix Switch
VASA Workstation
Video Management
Receiver Workstation
Analog Monitor
Allegiant Keyboard
AutoDome Modular easily integrates with other Bosch analog and IP surveillance products.
A solution only
Bosch could create
No one has more experience in CCTV than Bosch, whose roots go back to the genesis of the industry.
We introduced one of the first integrated PTZ dome cameras over a decade ago, and we’ve been building
on that technology ever since. We created the first AutoDome with internal automatic tracking
technology, and now the first modular dome camera platform. Bosch is the industry leader, with
thousands of systems installed worldwide. In fact, four of the world’s five largest airports rely on
AutoDome surveillance, as do public transportation centers, government buildings, city centers,
casinos, prisons, banking institutions, retail stores and much more. The Bosch name is synonymous
with quality the world over.
A Tradition of Quality and Innovation
For over 100 years, the Bosch name has stood for
quality and reliability. Bosch is the global supplier
of choice for innovative technology, backed by the
highest standards for service and support.
Bosch Security Systems proudly offers a wide range
of security, safety, communications and sound
solutions that are relied upon every day in
applications around the world, from government
facilities and public venues to businesses, schools
and homes.
Bosch Security Systems
To learn more about our
product offering, please visit
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