Eurotron P100 Digital Pressure Indicator

Eurotron P100 Digital Pressure Indicator
Eurotron P100
Digital Pressure Indicator
Instruction manual
The Eurotron P100 Pressure gauge/calibrator is a new microprocessor controlled digital pressure gauge which offer high
precision, stability and functionality in a comp act and robust
solution package. The gauge is powered by long life internal
Alkaline batteries and offer an Auto Power-off function to preserve the battery life. The MicroCal P100 allow to do
-Measuring pressure up to 2000 bar g with direct connection to
the process via ½-inch BSP male pressure fitting
-Calibrating pressure devices by using an external pressure
source both manul or automatic
-Real Time data transfer via RS232 (option A1)
- Automatic Calibration procedure by using the Calibration
management software package CalPman 2007 (p/n BB260130)
P100 is supplied with 4x1.5V alkaline battery and instructioin
Getting started with the Calibrator
Press SET to turn on the Calibrator . The Calibrator will perform
an auto test cycle during which will display for 3 seconds the
software release version indicated as R.E.L.F 0 or progressive
number. Once ON, the calibrator will show the applied pressure
in the central part of the display, the bar graph on the lower
part of the display and the selected pressure unit on the right
side on the display identified by the symbol positioned on the
desired pressure unit. If during the Auto test the display will
show a row of "L" or a series of "U" this means that the full
scale have been exceeded and immediate action need to be
taken for avoiding damage to the internal pressure sensor
(please refer to the technical specification for the over range
and breaking pressure value)
Error messages
Overpressure. Calibration might be altereded
Negative overload. Applied pressure was lower
than -1 bar
OFFSCALE- Change scale
Low Bat
Please replace the battery as the unit might not
perform accordingly with it’s specification
Agust 2007, Rev 1, PN EUK000011
Eurotron Instruments (UK) ltd
Printed in the UK. All rights reserved.
Selecting pressure units
MicroCal P100 offers 5 selectable pressure units, PSI, kPa,
Kg/cm2, bar and mbar which are user select able via keyboard.
Keep pressing the key SET
per three second until the test Unit
will appear on the display. Select the desired pressure unit by
moving up and down with the key and . The cursor will
be display alongside the desired pressure unit. To return to the
normal mode, press the key for 6 time until the test END will
appear on the display
Zeroing Pressure
Make sure that the calibrator is in VENT position. By holding
pressing ZERO for 5 second the Calibrator will perform the ZERO
function. This function will only work with-in 50 % of the full
scale and it has no ef fect on the bar graph indication
Peak Function
MicroCal P100 disply both Peak+ and Peak- value. When in
measurment mode, keep pressing the for a second and
the display wil always show the highest pressure measured
When the is pressed for 5 seconds , the disp aly will activate the PEAK- function which will show the lowest presssure
Push Bottom functions
By pressing SET for about three seconds, the calibrator will
take you into the program menu. First to appear is the Unit
menue. By pressing the key
SET again , the unit will t ake you trough the other calibrator
Press ON to switch the gauge on
SET: if pressed for 3 secs it t akes into the
configuration menu. If pressed for more
than 5 secs it switches the gauge of f
Zero when in measurement mode wil zero
the display
When into configuration menu will
decrease values of defined step
During the measurement if pressed for 1
sec it activates the Peak+ function. If
pressed for 5 secs it acticvates the Peakfunction. In configuration menu increases
value of a desired step
Filter/Damping function
A programmable filter/damping function display FL XX allows
for reading of Instable or very high pulsing pressure. It is possible to "weight" the pressure reading by applying a digit al filter
constant between a value of 0 and 99. Once in the SET menu,
press SET once again to display FL XX. Move with the arrow
key and to set the desired value and press 5 time
key to return to measurement mode
It is possible to change the display resolution of the P100 by a
factor of 1, 2, 5 and 10. To access this menu, enter the SET
menu , then press the SET key twice to display r
XX. Move
with the arrow key and to set the desired value and press
4 time SET
key to return to measurement mode.
Power Saving
The Calibrator automatically turns off after 30 minutes as
default. To reduce this time or disable this feature :
Once in SET menu, press 3 time the SET
key until oFF XX is
displayed. The XX is the turn off time in minutes. Move with
the arrow key and to set the desired value and press 3
time ZERO
key to return to measurement mode. To disable
the Auot Power of ffunction, set the XX value to 0
General Specification
-0.5 to 0.5 bar
-1 to 1 bar
-1 to 2.5 bar
-1 to 5 bar
-1 to 10 bar
-1 to 20 bar
0 to 50 bar
0 to 100 bar
0 to 250 bar
0 to 350 bar
0 to 700 bar
0 to 1000 bar
0 to 1500 bar
0 to 2000 bar
% FS
% FS
% FS
% FS
% FS
% FS
% FS
% FS
% FS
% FS
% FS
% FS
% FS
% FS
150 % FS
150 % FS
150 % FS
150 % FS
150 % FS
150 % FS
150 % FS
150 % FS
150 % FS
150 % FS
150 % FS
150 % FS
150 % FS
150 % FS
Accuracy 0.05 % FS include linearity and Hysteresis (model P100-05)
Accuracy 0.1 % FS include linearity and Hysteresis (model P100-01)
Temperature range 0 to 50 °C
Temperature coefficient 0.002 % rdg/°C
Calibrate temperature 23 °C
Compensated temperature range 0 to 50 °C
Pressure media: all liquid and gas compatible with AISI 316 (non corrosive)
Wetted Part SS Inox 17-4 PH
Pressure unit: mbar, bar, KG/CM2, KPa, psi
Pressure connection: 1/2 “ BSP male for all ranged
Storage temperature
-10 °C to 60°C
Graphic, custom LCD display, 16 mm height
IP 65
Power Supply
4X AA size alkaline battery (1 year autonomy)
Aluminium case, 86 X 85 X 44mm (P100 only)
EN61010(2001)-EN61326-1-EN 61326/A1
1 year (battery not included)
RS 232 communication (option A1)
Ordering Information
If option A is ordered, Microcal P100 is deliverd with the RS
232 digital communication/output. The serial communication
speed can be changed by accessing the SET menu.
Press for three seconds SET key , the calibrator will take you
into the program menu. Press 4 times the SET key to Display
BAUD. Press Again the SET key to Display X where X is the
BAUD rate speed. Move with the arrow key and to set the
desired value and press one time the set key to return to
measurement mode
The Baud rate can be changed from 4800, 9600 or 19200.
0 Value will disable the function
P100-05, Digital Pressure Gauge, 0.05 % FS accuracy
P100-01, Digital Pressure Gauge, 0.1 % FS accuracy
P100-05-PC Pnuematic Caibration Kit, 0.05 % FS accuracy
P100-05-HC Hydraulic Calibration Kit, 0.05 % FS accuracy
P100-01-PC Pneumatic Calibration Kit, 0.1 % FS accuracy
P100-01-HC Hydraulic Calibration Kit, 0.1 % FS accuracy
Option A1) RS232 Digital interface
BB260130 CalPman 2007 software package
Limited Warranty & Limitation of liability
Replacing the batteries
MicroCal P100 calibrator is powered by 4 type AA 1.5V batteries. These batteries allows 1 Year autonomy operative life. The
"LOW BAT" message will be displayed if the batteries needs to
be changed. Measured pressure will be incorrect if the LOW
BAT message is displayed. To replace the battery:
1)open the gauge unscrewing the two socket head
2)Carefully replace the battery, with-out reverse the polarity
This Eurotron poduct is free from defect in material for 1 year
from the date of purchase. This warranty does not cover disposable batteries or damage from accident, neglect misuse or
abnormal conditions of operation or handling
Eurotron Instruments UK limited is not liable for any special,
indirect, incidental or consequential damages or losses araising
from any cause or theory
How to contact Eurotron Instruments (UK) Ltd
Note: Alkaline battery must be disposed properly
To contact Eurotron for accesssories, or operating assist ance
Eurotron Instruments (UK) Ltd
Address : Eurotron Instruments UK ltd,
Unit 8 the Centre, Holywell Business Park, Northfield Road
Southam, CV47 0FP, United Kingdom
Eurotron Instruments UK limited
T:+44 (0)1926 810472
F:+44(0)1926 813569
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