AF Lighting 5465-TL Installation Guide

Installation Instruction
Item No: 5465 - TL
1. Carefully unpack and take out the parts as
picture shown.
2. Adjust the arm and shade ( D ) to its desire
3. Rotary hand grip ( B ) into arm of compling
( C ) tightly.
4 Install the bulb into the socket. (Bulb not
Important Safety Instruction
This portable lamp has a polarized plug (One
blade is wider than the other) as a safety feature
to reduce the risk of the electric shock. This plug
will fit in a polarized outlet only one way. If the
plug does not fit in the outlet, reverse the plug. If it
still does not fit, consult a qualified electrician.
Never use an extension cord unless the plug can
be fully inserted. Do not alter the plug.
Note: 120V / 40W
WARNING ! – To reduce the risk of fire ,electric shock, or personal injury:
- Ture off / unplug lamp and allow to cool before replacing bulb.
- Do not touch bulb when fisture is turned on
- Do not look directly at lighted bulb
- Do no touch shade when fixture is turned on
- keep materials that bure easily away from lighted bulb
Use only soft colth to dust and clean fixture. Never use chemicals or abrasive cleaners as it may
damage finish
★ Keep this instruction for future reference