TroposAir 403 Installation Guide

Replacement Downrod
Installation Instructions
1.) Remove ball from existing downrod:
a. Loosen jam screw on side of ball
b. Slide the ball downward to expose the ball's cross-pin
c. Remove the balls cross-pin from the downrod
d. Slide the ball off of the downrod.
2.) Replace ball onto replacement downrod:
a. Slide ball onto downrod past holes
b. Insert ball's cross-pin through holes in downrod
c. Raise ball so that cross-pin seats down into cavity in ball
d. Re-tighten jam screw in ball to secure ball to downrod
with cross-pin held in place
3.) Install downrod onto fan as shown in fan assembly instructions:
a. Insert the downrod through the fan's canopy and yoke cover
b. Feed the fan's wires through the downrod
c. Insert the downrod into the yoke of the fan
d. Insert the Cross-Pin through the yoke and downrod
Jam Screws
e. Insert the Cotter-Pin into the small hole in the cross-pin.
f. Tighten jam screws in yoke to secure downrod onto fan.
g. Slide the yoke cover down the downrod to cover the fan's yoke
Jam Screw
Fig. 1
Fig. 2
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