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3 Gas Cooking
Gas is the preferred cooking fuel because it is ho5er and less heat-­‐reten7ve than tradi7onal electric (non-­‐induc7on) cooking. New gas ranges have higher BTU outputs and different burner op7ons, like griddle burners available in Frigidaire and GE Café, or fiHh burners available in Electrolux, Bosch and KitchenAid. Slide-­‐In-­‐Range Yale Appliance + Lighting
Gas Cooktop Freestanding Range 4 Table of Contents
Types of Ranges
Cooktops & Rangetops
How to Buy
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Yale Appliance + Lighting
6 Terms
Sizes: 20”, 24”, 30” and 36”. Professional is 24”, 30”, 36”, 48” and 60”. Pilotless IgniIon: Since 1992, all ranges that are clock-­‐driven have pilotless or electronic igni7on. BTU Output: Bri7sh Thermal Unit (although no one calls it such) measures the amount of heat for the surface burners. Average BTU 10 years ago was 10-­‐ 12K BTU on the high end. Now, you can buy ranges up to 20,000 BTU's like this Bosch Benchmark. Yale Appliance + Lighting
7 Terms
Freestanding Gas Range Yale Appliance + Lighting
Simmer Burner: Burners that drop to a low temperature. Most units have a dedicated or simmer low burner. Good simmer is 500 BTU. Thermador achieves 200 BTU by turning on and off. Slide-­‐In: Refers to controls being on the front rather than the back. It is aesthe7cally pleasing, especially for backsplashes with custom 7ling. Freestanding: A regular range owned by 90% of those buying American products, with controls on the back. 8 Freestanding vs. Slide-In
Freestanding Range Bosch HGS3053 Price: $999 Yale Appliance + Lighting
Slide-­‐In-­‐Range Electrolux EW30DS75KS Watch the Video here Price: $2,809.99 9 Terms
ConvecIon: Fan-­‐forced heat for more even temperature and cooking, especially baking. True ConvecIon: Some7mes referred to as European convec7on. It is a third element behind the fan. It is more precise than regular convec7on. Bake Element: Below the last rack, heat radiates from this element in bake mode only. It is a broiler with greater width allowing for more heat to be transferred. The bake element provides low output and more heat across the surface of foods. Yale Appliance + Lighting
ConvecIon Oven Fan 10 Terms
Griddle Burner (in middle) Yale Appliance + Lighting
Warming Zone: A feature on high-­‐end ranges, the warming zone provides for low heat to keep finished food warm. Griddle Burner: An elongated burner with the ability to be used as a burner or with a non-­‐s7ck griddle over it. Warming Drawer: Instead of storage below the oven, the drawer has a low-­‐ temperature element. Useful for warming foods up to three hours and refreshing leHovers without dehydra7ng. 11 Terms
Second Oven: Instead of a warming drawer, you have second oven capability. There are two types of ranges with this feature. KitchenAid has a double oven with the smaller oven on top and the larger oven below. Frigidaire, GE and Electrolux have the smaller oven below and larger on top. Look at both before buying. Professional: High output stove with restaurant styling. Read the Pro Cooking Buying Guide for more informa7on. Dual Fuel: Features the gas top for output and electric convec7on for the most even cooking. Be careful before buying as you need a separate 220V line to accommodate the electricity. Yale Appliance + Lighting
Double Oven Range 2
Yale Appliance + Lighting
Types of Ranges
13 Freestanding Ranges
Cooktops Total BTU Highest BTU 30 Inch 30 Inch Bosch 53,000 18,000 Bosch Benchmark 55,000 20,00 Jenn-­‐Air 41,200 19,000 Electrolux 58,000 18,000 Frigidaire 45,500 17,000 KitchenAid 39,500 15,000 Whirlpool 42,700 16,000 Yale Appliance + Lighting
14 Freestanding Range
Yale Appliance + Lighting
15 Slide-In-Ranges
Slide-­‐In ranges, unlike freestanding ranges, have no backguards for a cleaner look. You can now see your backsplash without a backguard obscuring the view. Slide-­‐ins also overlap your cabinets, so spills cannot spread through seams like a freestanding range. Slide-­‐ins tend to be pricey star7ng over $1,000 and more expensive than a freestanding range with the same features Yale Appliance + Lighting
16 Slide-In-Ranges
Cooktops Total BTU Highest BTU 30 Inch 30 Inch Bosch 51,000 20,000 Electrolux 46,500 18,000 Jenn-­‐Air 58,000 19,000 Frigidaire 43,500 17,000 KitchenAid 47,000 15,000 Whirlpool 40,000 12,500 Yale Appliance + Lighting
17 Slide-In Range
Yale Appliance + Lighting
18 Professional Range
Professional ranges are quite simply a commercial looking range with higher BTUs. Pro ranges are available in 24, 30, 36 and 48 inches with the larger sizes available with grills, griddles and French top configura7ons. We have a separate Pro Cooking Buyers Guide. You can download it here. Yale Appliance + Lighting
19 Pro Range vs. Regular Range
Pro ranges have always had the ho5er BTU burners, but that gap is narrowing considerably. Regular ranges, especially higher end ranges, now have at least 1-­‐2 equally hot burners at a much lower price. Jenn-­‐Air Slide-­‐In Range Jenn-­‐Air Professional Range 16,000 BTU Yale Appliance + Lighting
20,000 BTU 3
Yale Appliance + Lighting
Cooktops + Rangetops
21 Gas Cooktops
Cooktops are quite simply the burners of the range. What should be a very easy product to buy is twice as hard to understand because, unlike ranges, cooktops are dominated by niche companies like Thermador, Viking and Wolf. Sizes: 12”, 24”, 30”, 36” and 42”. 12” and 24” are uncommon and mostly u7lized in smaller applica7ons or as secondary cooking appliances. Although 30” is the most common size, 36” units with five or six burners are s7ll widely used. Power Burners: Typically, the max burner is 16,000 BTU on one or two burners. Miele is 16,500 with Wolf at 15K. Simmer Burners: Thermador has the lowest simmer, but cycles on and off to do so. Wolf will have the best constant simmer at 500 BTU on each burner. Repair Rates: Miele and Gaggenau lead at 9.2% service in a year with Frigidaire, Thermador and Whirlpool all being be5er than average. Yale Appliance + Lighting
22 Gas Cooktops
Every manufacturer markets a cooktop, but only the be5er brands like Thermador, Wolf, Viking and Jenn-­‐Air seem to sell them. Cooktops are about output, reliability and ability to simmer. Thermador SGS304FS Yale Appliance + Lighting
Jenn-­‐Air JGD3430WS 23 Gas Cooktops
Cooktops Total BTU Highest BTU Simmer 30 Inch 36 Inch 30 Inch 36 Inch 30 Inch 36 Inch Bosch 49,200 61,500 20,000 20,000 5,5000btu 5,5000btu Thermador 52,000 60,200 16,000 18,000 375btu 375btu Wolf 48,400 57,600 18,000 18,000 325btu 325btu Jennair 58,000 78,000 19,000 18,000 650btu 650 btu Electrolux 52,000 52,000 18,000 18,000 5,000btu 5,000btu DCS 47,000 61,500 15.5 k 17,500 140F 140F Whirlpool 46,200 48,000 17,000 17,000 5,000 btu 5,000 btu Yale Appliance + Lighting
24 Gas Cooktop
Yale Appliance + Lighting
25 Cooktop vs. Rangetop
A range top is a professional unit whereas the cooktop is a regular unit. The Rangetop, like the pro, has the higher BTU along with griddle, grill capability whereas the cooktop is much less expensive. Cooktop Rangetop Bosch NGM5054UC Yale Appliance + Lighting
Jenn Air JGCP436WP 26 How to Buy
Ranges are pre5y simple to understand. Take a basic range, add convec7on and a 5th burner for the upgrade, then add a warming drawer for the next upgrade, then a second oven for the top end. Slide-­‐Ins and Pro Ranges would be a separate considera7on. Frigidaire FFGS3025LS Yale Appliance + Lighting
Jenn-­‐Air JGS8850CDS 27 A Little About Us
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28 Contact Information
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