Euri Lighting EL-06W Instructions / Assembly

Euri LED Desk Lamp
Euri Lighting
Euri LED Lamp EL-06
User’s Manual
Wireless Blue Tooth
and Speaker Function
• Bluetooth + Speaker Function
• FM Radio Tuner
• Volume Control
• 5 Step Brightness Control
• Anti-Glare Design / Eye Protection
• 4 Environmental Modes Smart Control
• USB Port for all Smart Phone Charging
• Available in 2 colors - Black or White
Please read this instruction manual before operating or assembling this unit.
Do not repair, disassemble,
or modify under any
Do not place near any heat
source or in direct sunlight.
Place on flat, secure surface.
Use ONLY the supplied AC
power adaptor.
Do not use appliances with
frayed or damaged electrical
Do not touch electrical
appliances with wet hands or
when liquids are present.
Please keep the light and all
appliances dry and clean.
Unplug adapter when the
light will not be used for an
extended period of time.
Clean only with a soft dry
cloth and do not use solvents
or cleaning solutions.
Never overload electrical
circuits as it may cause
electrical shock or fire.
Euri LED Lamp EL-06
FM Radio
Brightness Control Function:
9 Step Brightness Touch Control
Operating Modes:
Read Mode (4,500K ~ 5,500K)
It stimulates concentration and reduces eye strain with the choice
of mid-range color temperature.
Study Mode (5,500K ~ 6,700K)
Increases attention and concentration with the choice of high-range
color temperature.
Relax Mode (2,700K – 3,700K)
Promotes relaxation along with improved mood and the choice of
low-range color temperature.
Sleep Mode (2,700K ~ 3,300K)
Encourage a deep sleep with the comfort of soft light.
Timer Control Function
Automatically turns-off the light in one (1) hour while in any mode
of operation.
FM Radio
One Touch Control Function
Convenient to control functions of On/Off on various situations by
simple touch method.
USB Power Charging Port:
Possible to recharge various digital devices such as MP3 and Mobile
Phones through the USB Power Charging port supplying 5V (700mA) power.
(USB Power Charging adaptors are sold separately)
Operation Instruction
Parallel Arm
Power Adapter
Lamp Functions
USB Power Charging port
Step 1a
Insert the Power Adapter
into the power port to apply
electrical power to the unit.
Lamp functions are operated
by touch. Select a mode and
press down.
To use the USB Charging Port,
insert the USB cable into the
USB Power Charging Port and
connect your smart device to
the USB cable. To ensuring
proper docking look for the
charging icon on your smart
device. The USB cable is sold
Step 1b
Light Head
Charging icon may
vary depending on
Lamp Base
Bluetooth Function
Bluetooth Function is
operated by touch. Select
mode and press down. The
Bluetooth function must be
available and powered on to
sync to your smart device.
Auxiliary Port
For use of the Auxiliary Port plug
one end of the Auxiliary Cable
into your smart device and the
other end into the lamp. Both
devices must be in the On
position to operate. The
Auxiliary cable is sold separately.
Volume Control
FM Tuner Function
To adjust the volume turn
toward the (+) to increase
sound and toward the (-) to
decrease sound.
FM Tuner Function is operated by
touch. Select mode and press down.
The double arrow buttons are used
to adjust the radio station and to
forward or reverse the audio. The
single arrow button is use to play or
pause the Bluetooth Function.