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Does your chair have the three T’s
of ergonomic seating?
Experience outstanding ergonomic benefits
with the J family of patient chairs
DentalEZ® combined the thin,
narrow back and independent seat
tilt of the famous “J-Chair®” with
the flexibility of the split-back and
added a new, sleek, modern look,
anatomically correct hip pivot point
and left/right flexibility to introduce
the J/V-Generation® Chair.
In the past, creating more comfort
for the patient usually came at the
expense of the dental team, and
vice-versa. However, with the
J-Chair total patient placement is a
reality, helping to create the most
comfortable working position for
both the patient and the dental team.
The revolutionary J-Chair and
J/V-Generation Chair provide an
ergonomically sound working
environment for dental
professionals who must spend
long hours in the operatory.
The Three T’s of ergonomic seating
Exclusive Tilt
Thin back
Tapered back
The DentalEZ® patient chairs deliver
outstanding ergonomic benefits.
DentalEZ Chairs – Back Dimension Comparison
27.38" (including arm rests)
J/V-Generation Chair
Anatomy of the chair
Headrest options to accommodate
all dental procedures
(J/V-Generation Chair)
Split-back design delivers
optimum versatility
(J/V-Generation Chair)
Tapered back for easy access
(J-Chair & J/V-Generation Chair)
State-of-the-art membrane controls
located on both the dentist’s and
assistant’s side of the headrest area
The thinnest narrow back available
provides the best access to the oral cavity
(J-Chair & J/V-Generation Chair)
Arm slings that support the patient’s arms,
resulting in better operator access
(J-Chair & J/V-Generation Chair)
Arm rests rotate up for
easy left right access
(J/V-Generation Chair)
Exclusive independent
seat tilt allows proper patient
control and comfort
(J-Chair & J/V-Generation Chair)
Touch pad controls located
on the doctor’s & assistant’s
side of chair
(J/V-Generation Chair)
Upholstery stretcher springs
increase comfort & durability
Optional foot control
(J-Chair & J/V-Generation Chair)
Ergonomically designed base
plate provides the dental team
with free movement from 9:00
to 12:00 positions
(J-Chair & J/V-Generation Chair)
J/V-Generation Touch Pad Controls
Dual membrane controls on the J-Chair
help the dental team position the
patient quickly and easily.
Optional Air Glide
Chair Testimonials
“Ergonomics makes a difference in how long and how well dentists practice. DentalEZ Group’s thin, narrow back feature
allows dentists to position themselves for the right ergonomic fit, allowing for ideal access to the oral cavity. This results in
less strain on the dentist, while facilitating patient comfort.”
-Margaret I. Scarlett, DMD,
Science & Women’s Health Editor,
Woman Dentist Journal
“The thin, narrow back of the J/V-Generation Chair helps to alleviate neck and back strain for the dental team by facilitating
proper chair-side positioning. Additionally, the tilt feature also affords an added benefit for the patient, allowing for better
blood flow and increased comfort.”
-Jeff Carter, DDS,
Co-owner Practice Design Group
“The most important decision you will make is in the selection of the patient chair, and my recommendation is the DentalEZ®
J-Chair. It provides the dental team with all the attributes needed to allow them to work in a comfortable, ergonomically
correct posture. The thinness and narrowness of the back allow the team members to position themselves close to the patient
without having to lean. The flexibility of the chair allows for optimum patient positioning, which also contributes to better
posture for the dental team. In my clinical practice as an assistant and hygienist I had the good fortune to work in practices
that utilized the J-Chairs and I know from personal experience that they truly are the best!”
-Mary Govoni, CDA, RDA, RDH, BS
DentalEZ, through its group of products brands, can meet all of
your operatory needs with products that provide ergonomic,
performance and efficiency advantages.
For more information on these products, contact your dealer or
DentalEZ at 1-866-DTE-INFO. Visit our website at
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