Materials: Paper for recording scores, pencil, deck of cards (Jokers

Materials: Paper for recording scores, pencil, deck of cards (Jokers
Materials: Paper for recording scores, pencil, deck of cards (Jokers
Values: King = 0
Queen = minus 1
Jack = plus 10
Ace = plus 1
All other cards are worth the value of the number on the card
-Create a T chart for recording your score. A game of Golf will be played in
nine rounds. You will need all players’ names, and numbers 1-9.
-Deal four cards to each player, arranging two on top and two directly on the
bottom to create a 2 by 2 square.
-Players may “peek” at the bottom two, but must leave the top two
-Each player will take turns drawing from the pile. They may trade
their card for any of their four cards, but again, may only look at the
bottom two to make their decision. When a card is traded, it is placed
on the discard pile and the next player takes their turn. Once the card is in
the discard pile, it can not be drawn by another player.
-Play continues until one player things they have the lowest score. They will
then “knock” and the other player gets one more turn. A player may not
knock after their turn. They must knock as their turn.
-When play stops, players flip over their cards and total their scores. Lowest
score is the goal.
-If the player that knocks has the lowest score, each player scores the
number of points in their four cards. However, if the person that knocked
has a higher score, they receive BOTH their score and their opponent’s
score added together. Their opponent scores the total of ONLY their four
-At the end of the game, all nine rounds are totaled and the player with the
lowest score is declared winner.
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