LightIt! | 30015-308 | Instructions / Assembly | LightIt! 30015-308 Instructions / Assembly

Inserting Batteries
Remove the mounting
plate from the back of
the light by firmly
pushing it in the
direction shown in this
Rotate the battery cover
of the light in a
direction as indicated by the arrows on the cover. Insert
3 AAA batteries in the direction indicated in the battery
compartment. Do not mix battery types (heavy duty,
alkaline, or rechargeable). Replace the battery cover
and rotate it in a clock-wise direction to lock it.
Mounting Plate
Important! Make
certain that the surface
is clean and dry before
applying the mounting
plate to a wall or other
flat surface. Using
either mounting tape or
screws (both supplied),
firmly affix the mounting plate to the desired location. On
vertical surfaces, the mounting plate should be installed
with the “U-bracket” pointing up as shown in the drawing
above. Slide the light on to the mounting plate until it
locks into place.
Directions for Use
Push the button located in the center of the front lens
cover to turn the light ON and OFF. The light may be
removed from the mounting plate to change the batteries
or for use as a hand-carried light.
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