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Brochure - Ministry Grounds Coffee
Coffee Roaster
“Freshness is the key to flavour, and the
freshest coffee is roasted at home.”
The KN-8828B-2 • Full Manual Control!
User has control over time and temperature auto-eject points as well as
heating element power and fan speed.
Automatic mode as well.
Highest quality
electronic components
used throughout
Three memory
areas to store
roast profiles
Various messages
keep the user
Chaff collection tray for
easy disposal of chaff
• Programmable auto-eject points for time and temperature
• 3 different user profiles can be saved in non-volatile memory
• Manual control of all parameters during the roast in real time
• All roast parameters are easily saved at end of roast if desired
• Computer-controlled, automatic mode as well
• Quiet operation - hear the roast, not the roaster.
• High quality stainless steel outer surface makes cleaning easy.
• Large capacity, heavy-duty stainless steel drum.
• External cooling tray with forced air for fast cooling.
• Many safety features including manual emergency eject.
• Large 225g-300g capacity.
• Two stage air filter to lessen particulates in smoke.
• Size: 48 x 36 x 25cm - Weighs nearly 9 KG
• Includes comprehensive owner’s manual.
• Large window provides excellent view of the beans.
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Large viewing window
makes monitoring
roast progress easy
Chang Yue Industrial Corp.
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Bright LCD display
keeps the user
informed in real time:
• Time Remaining
• Current Temperature
• Fan Speed
• Heating Power
Stainless steel cooling
tray with agitation arm
and forced-air cooling.
Up to 300 gram capacity,
stainless steel drum.
Removable for cleaning
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Pullman Espresso Accessories
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