Production Rider - Mr. Ho`s Orchestrotica

Production Rider - Mr. Ho`s Orchestrotica
Mr. Ho’s Orchestrotica (as a quintet)
Production Rider, USA
Contact: Brian O’Neill
Artistic Director
1.347.482.1775 (w)
1.617.905.9660 (m)
Technical Requirements
All technical requirements will be advanced
four to six (4-6) weeks before the performance date.
Sound System
House provides 12 channel mixer, mics, cables, and stands as specified in stage plot
House provides Monitor System (5 wedges)
Engineering Requirements
Professional audio engineer to monitor on-stage monitor mix and FOH
See stage plot for microphone needs and placement
FOH Mix Position, Equipment, and Power
Two (2) 15 amp, 110 volt quad-boxes (Edison plug) (1 stage left, 1 stage right)
FOH mix position at engineer’s discretion
Stage Requirements
Preferably at least 15’wide x 10’deep (contact , somewhat flexible)
Lighting Requirements
Stage lighting must be blacked-out at the beginning & end of each performance set.
May provide gobos at the show to use during blackout
Venue must provide a Lighting Technician/Operator.
During the show, using 1 background wash per song is sufficient. Wash should be
either a blue wash or red (red preferred)
Tech rider Oct. 2015
Ground Transportation
Presenter will assume responsibility for local ground transportation of artists unless
otherwise discussed and agreed to via phone or email
Local Crew and Stage Setup
One (1) able-bodied member of local crew (preferably dressed in black shirt, black
pants, black shoes) will be on hand at arrival, and during performance to assist with
setup/teardown of percussion instruments
All sound equipment will be set up per the provided stage-plot diagram 30 minutes
prior to the sound check (to be advanced).
Hotel Accommodations:
(5) single/queen rooms in a minimum 3-star hotel
Hotels that provide complimentary breakfast are preferable
Venue Accommodations:
(1) male dressing with clean towels, full-length mirrors, and clothing racks. Rooms
should be near a private bathroom w/ hot water.
Refreshments: for (5) people. Example food might include from the following: mixed
greens, balsalmic/olive oil dressing, grape leaves, hummus, Greek yogurt, falafel
wraps. Sandwiches: ham, chicken, turkey, cheese, bread(s), pasta salads, crudité,
berry mixes (strawberry, raspberry, blackberry etc), bags of plain potato chips,
lettuce, tomatoes, onions, mayo and spicy mustard). Drinks: coffee, hot tea, Coke,
sparkling and still bottled water appreciated. Paper cups, plates, napkins, and utensils.
(5) Bottles of water on stage
Dressing rooms and refreshments should be ready and available for group upon loadin.
Merchandise table/area for show: presenter should supply
§ (1) standard-size 72”x30” folding table, ideally with a white or black dropcloth
that reaches the floor. Table should be in a well-lit area, near the front-doors to the
venue or immediately inside the venue.
§ (1) power outlet or strip near the table
§ (1) adult to help sell merchandise – person should be comfortable with and
capable of taking credit cards on the group’s iPad
§ Wi-Fi access near the table is much appreciated
Tech rider Oct. 2015
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