Smart Solar 3740WR20 Instructions / Assembly

First use
San Rafael string lights
Solar lights work by using electricity generated by the solar panel to charge internal
batteries. These batteries are then used to power the light. When switched on the lights
automatically illuminate at night by using a light sensor. The duration of illumination will
depend on the amount of sunlight and therefore charge received by the batteries.
First unplug the display switch used for the “try me” packaging. Although there may be
some charge left in the battery we recommend fully charging it before first use. Leave the
switch in the off position for 2 sunny days to ensure the battery is fully charged. Once fully
charged switch to auto, the light will automatically illuminate when it gets dark. You can
cover the solar panel to test that the light is operating.
Unplug display switch
Try Me switch
Off/Auto switch
Solar panel
To light string
(can be used to stake
solar panel into ground if
not used with parasol)
Mounting clip
(can be used to clip the solar
panel to a parasol/umbrella)
Rechargeable batteries become less efficient with repeated charge-discharge cycles and
the battery capacity reduces. If you find that the battery appears to be less efficient or
does not run for long we suggest you first try to boost charge it. Switch off for 3 to 5 sunny
days to allow the maximum charge to the battery. If after this boost charge your battery
still does not perform to expectations you should replace it. All our batteries are covered
by a 1 year warranty.
Mounting tubes
How to use with parasol
Smaller mounting clips attach
each lantern to the parasol
Mounting clip attaches
the solar panel to the
Solar panel wire can be run along
the inside or outside of parasol
before clipping to material at the top.
Position solar panel to receive the
maximum amount of sunlight.
To change the battery remove 4 screws and open the compartment as shown, remove the
existing batteries and replace with a new ones. Only use Ni-MH or Ni-Cd rechargeable
batteries. Please ensure that the battery is disposed of according to local regulations.
Problem solving
Check the solar panel is positioned correctly.
Check the battery and replace if necessary.
If problems persist contact customer services,
using the details on the back page of this booklet.
Customer Service
For immediate answers visit our website where you will find extensive trouble
shooting, FAQs and support. Alternatively contact us using the details below:
Do not position the solar panel under a light
as this will prevent the light from switching
on at night.
Tel: +1 813 343 5775