LightIt! | 24411-103 | Instructions / Assembly | LightIt! 24411-103 Instructions / Assembly

Lanterna Touch
Wireless 12- LED Lamp
Operating Instructions
Please note:
The Lanterna is suitable for outdoor use, but it is not waterproof. We
recommend storing the lamp indoors to prevent moisture damage.
Energy efficient LEDs will last up to 100,000 hours and cannot be
removed or replaced.
Clean the lamp with a damp, soft cloth.
Do not mix battery types (e. g. alkaline, lithium, or NiMh). Use fresh
batteries only.
Please recycle used batteries whenever possible.
To turn the light on and off, lightly touch the center of the top of the
lamp. It is not necessary to apply pressure as the circuit is activated
by touch. This area is marked by an embossed area in the top of
the lamp.
Replacing the batteries
1) Remove the battery cover located on the bottom of the lamp.
2) Insert 3 AA batteries in the direction indicated in the battery
3) Replace the battery cover.
Battery Type – 3 AA 1.5V dry-cell batteries. We recommend
alkaline batteries.
Battery Life – approximately 36 hours using alkaline batteries.
Lamp – 12 white LED modules (6000K)
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