AverVision F50 Document Camera

AverVision F50 Document Camera
AverVision F50 Document Camera
Using S-Video allows you to use your computer for other functions while using your
document camera.
1. Press the Power button on the document camera.
2. Turn on your projector and select the S-Video source.
3. Use the basic operations described below to control the document camera.
Using the Computer results in a clearer image and utilizes more of the
document cameras built-in features.
1. Press the Power button on the document camera.
2. Turn on your projector and select the Computer 1 source.
3. Open the Sphere software from the PISD Apps – Administrative Tools folder.
See below for instructions for installing Sphere.
Shuttle Wheel - turn the shuttle wheel to zoom
in/out and press the shuttle wheel arrows ←↑→↓
to pan the image while in zoom mode)
Reset zoom
Rotate – rotates the image 180°
Lamp – turn the overhead light on/off
Auto Focus
Freeze – pause or resume image display
1. Go to the App Depot on your computer desktop.
2. Double-click the Sphere - Install to begin the installation.
3. After the installation is complete, go to the PISD Apps folder on your desktop.
4. Open the Administrative Tools folder and double-click Sphere shortcut.
Menu Bar
1. Turn on the document camera and open the Sphere software.
2. The Sphere Menu Bar will appear at the top of the screen along with the image from the
camera. (See below for explanation of each menu bar button).
a. DocCam – camera tools (zoom, autofocus, pause, rotate, adjust image).
b. Annotation – annotation tools for drawing on the projected image.
c. Presenter – spotlight and visor tool for hiding parts of the screen.
d. Record – record video from the camera.
e. Capture – takes a picture of the displayed image.
Split Screen – split the screen to display more than one image side by side.
g. Widget mode – collapses sphere into a small menu bar so you can show other things on
your computer.
Use the DocCam button to control basic operation of the document camera.
Set Auto Image for Best Quality
Set the Camera Mode to Auto Image to allow the camera to auto correct the image (best quality).
a. Click the Adjust Image button.
b. Click the Auto Image button.
The software should remember this setting after it is set the first time.
The Annotation tools can be used to draw over the projected image from the camera.
The Presenter tools allow portions of the screen to be hidden/covered.
Spotlight: Hides the entire screen except for an oval in the center that can be resized and moved
with the mouse. (Click the red X in the upper right corner to turn off spotlight)
Hides the entire screen. Click and drag from any side of the screen to reveal portions
of the camera. (Click in the red X in the upper right corner to turn off visor)
1. Press the Record button to record from the document camera.
The camera will start recording in 3 seconds.
2. To stop recording, press the Click to Stop button on the menu bar.
3. The Save/Publish Video window will appear.
a. Change the File name (optional).
b. Change the Title (optional).
c. Add additional information…Author,
Keywords,Description (optional).
d. DO NOT check check boxes to publish to
internet sites.
e. Click Save.
The file is saved to the default directory
H:\My Documents\Sphere\Media Library
and is saved as an avi file.
NOTE: To change the default save directory, go Settings from the Sphere menu bar and
choose a new default save directory.
Capture takes a picture of the image displayed by the document camera and automatically saves it to
your Media Library (H:\My Documents\Sphere\Media Library).
Full Screen: Captures the entire Sphere window including the menu bar.
Captures only the image displayed by the document camera.
Full Screen Capture
DocCam Capture
Split Screen
This tool allows you to split your display into two screens for displaying more than one image at a time.
Click the Split Screen button and choose the DocCam/Media display option.
1. The left side of the screen will show the live image from the document camera.
2. Double-click on an image in your Media Library to open it on the right side of the screen so you
can compare it side by side with your live image.
Click here to expand
the media library
Double-click an image to
open it on the screen.
3. To exit, click the image from the menu bar at the top and choose only to display the
Widget Mode
Widget Mode resizes the Sphere software and places it in the upper right corner of your computer
screen to allow you to use your computer and the document camera at the same time.
1. Click the Widget Mode button on the menu bar.
2. Use the widget mode menu bar for basic operation.
a. DocCam button opens DocCam controls.
b. Record button for recording.
c. Capture button for saving DocCam images.
d. Visor button to hide/show the image.
e. Widget button to close widget mode.
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