Technical Specs 2017 - Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation

Technical Specs 2017 - Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation
Technical Specs 2017
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Purchaser agrees to meet the following TECHNICAL requirements:
1. Sound Check. Sound check will take place at the time designated on the
Performance Contract. All instruments and sound reinforcement systems shall be
in place with room EQ’d prior to Artist’s arrival for sound check.
2. Backline and Instruments. Purchaser shall provide the following instruments
all in good to excellent working condition:
2.1 Bass:
One ¾ German bass or equivalent, carved solid wood (no plywood) with
adjustable bridge, ebony fingerboard
One (1) high quality bass amp, Gallien-Krueger MB150S-112III 150W
MicroBass Combo Amp or SWR California Blonde II Acoustic Instrument
Amp, or approved equivalent
Thomastik strings (med) or Ddario Strings
EV RE-20 or DPA 4099
2.2. One (1) 5-piece drum kit:
Drum Sizes
Bass Drum: 18'' x 16”
Rack Tom-Tom(s): 10”, 12”
Floor Tom(s): 14”
Two Snare Drum: 14” x 5” ½
(2) Snare Stands
(3) Three Cymbal Stands
(1) Foot Pedal
(1) Highly Adjustable and Cushioned Drum Throne/Seat
Coated Ambassadors "Drum Heads" for the Snares and Floor Tom
Cymbals (preferred brands: zildjian or sabian)
(1) 18” crash ride
Technical Specs 2017
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(1) 20” crash ride
(2) Two vocal mics (each on a boom stand) for body/vocal percussion.
Preferred: One Neumann KMS 105 and one Shure Beta 57. (Alternative:
Two of the same model if you cannot provide one of each.)
Overhead mics (i.e. no mics clamped to the drumset rims) preferred.
2.3. Piano
A. One (1) 7’ or 9' Steinway® concert grand piano or equivalent (to be
approved by Artist). Steinway® Model D’ 9’ / 274 cm preferred (Steinway®
Model B’ 6’11” / 211 cm acceptable). Two tunings are required. This piano
must be tuned on the day of performance to A=440 or A-442, whichever is
the instrument’s resident pitch. The primary tuning must be finished prior to
Artist’s crew arrival. Piano tuner must touch-up piano after sound check or if
used by another performer tuner must touch-up after final use of the
instrument prior to Aaron Goldberg’s performance.
B. One (1) Steinway® “Artist” model adjustable piano bench
3. Sound Reinforcement System. Purchaser agrees to provide a professional
sound system, appropriately sized to cover the entire room. The system shall
minimally consist of the following:
3.1. One (1) vocal mic on boom stand near piano.
3.2. Three (3) stage monitors arranged one for each musician
3.3. Two (2) highest quality microphones for stereo amplification of piano.
4. Lighting. Purchaser shall provide a professional lighting system with adequate
personnel to operate the house system.
5. Personnel. Purchaser agrees to provide a professional, qualified sound
engineer for the Performance.
Purchaser agrees to provide the following HOSPITALITY:
6. Dressing Room. Purchaser shall provide Artist with the following:
6.1. One (1) clean dressing room secured from audience or staff.
6.2. Ten (10) bottles of water.
6.3. One bottle of high quality, regional red wine, six (6) wine glasses, (1)
Technical Specs 2017
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6.4. Freshly brewed coffee and hot tea, with milk, fresh lemon and honey
6.5 Small table of basic refreshments including but not limited to fruit,
cookies, sandwiches, juice, candy, etc.
7. Dining. Purchaser shall provide Artist with, or reimburse Artist for, three (3) hot
healthy meals after sound check (dinnertime) each day.
8. On Stage. Purchaser shall ensure that the performance stage has:
8.1 Three (3) bottles of water per set
8.2 Three (3) hand towels
9. Lodging. Purchaser shall pre-pay for three (3) rooms at a hotel as close to
Venue as possible and no greater than 10 miles from the Venue. The hotel room
shall be non-smoking, shall be equipped with cable television, telephone, and
high-speed internet, and shall be AAA-recommended or comparable. Hotel parking,
if applicable, shall be paid by Purchaser.
10. Transportation and Parking. Purchaser shall provide all local transportation,
including ground travel, for Artist and musicians, as well as their luggage and
equipment related to Artist performance, including to and from
11. Air Transportation: Where Purchaser has agreed to provide Air
Transportation, all air tickets must be approved by Artist in advance of their
12. Guest List: Purchaser will provide 8 tickets, located in the premium-price
section of the hall, per concert for Artist’s use. Artist will notify Purchaser before
sound check if these tickets will be used or not.
Technical Specs 2017
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