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Hanging Solar Shed Light With Remote Control 21030 Instruction Manual Assembly Instructions Solar panel installations *Make sure to mount the solar panel no more than 19.6
5 Ffeet
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from the Hanging Solar Shed Light (the length of the wire provided)* (There are two ways to assemble the Solar Panel.) Pillar Mounted 1) Carefully remove all the fittings from the box 2) Setting the “L” Shape Screw (1) to solar panel (8) with PA3*15 Screw (4). (shown in figure 1) 3) Connect “L” Shape Screw and Bracket for solar panel (6) and “U” Shape Screw (5). (AS shown in figure 2) 4) Tumble in the “L” Shape Screw to Pillar and twist the “U” Shape Screw tightly. (AS shown in figure 3) Wall or Deck Mounted 1)
Choose the wall or deck which you want to mounted the solar panel. Use the 4 holes of the bracket to aling the inflatable capsules. (7) (as shown in figure 4). Fit the Bracket with the Solar panel with provided PA3*15 Screw. (As shown in figure 5) 3)
Set the Bracket on the wall or deck with 4Pcs provided PA4*35 Screws (9). (As shown in figure 6) 4)
Adjust the angle of Solar Panel to make sure it receives optimal sunlight during the day. Lamp installations Use the 2 Pre-­‐drill holes on the ceiling bracket, and mark the location. Then install the 2 inflatable screws. into the holes and attach the ceiling bracket with the 2 screws. Connection of the Solar Panel and Lamp Insert the plug of the Wires into the socket at the side of the ceiling bracket. 1
Operation (Please read this part carefully before use) 1. Twist off the glass cover: The light has 3 positions. Off / One / Two. • Switch to the “Off” position, the light will stay off. •
Switch to the “One” position, the light fixture will be off during the day and turn on at night. The light brightness can be controlled from 1 LED to 4 LEDs with the operation of remote control. •
Switch to the “Two” position, the light fixture will stay on Day and Night. The brightness can be controlled from 1 LED to 4 LEDs with the operation of the remote control. Replacing the Batteries For best results batteries should be replaced every 12 months. 1) Remove the glass cover, the plastic battery compartment and unscrew the screws with Screwdriver. Make sure the new batteries are rechargeable batteries. 2) Install the new batteries in to the battery compartment, ensuring the correct polarity is observed. 3) Reassemble the unit by replacing screws, battery compartment and glass cover. 4) Trouble Shooting If your Hanging Solar Shed Light does not come on at dusk despite observance of all the instructions, please try the following steps: 1) Make sure the Solar Panel is not being affected by any other light source, if this is the case move your Solar Panel to a location where there is less light interference. 2) Make sure the Solar Panel is not located in the shade during the day. 3) Make sure the switch is in the AUTO position. 4) Check that batteries are installed correctly. Maintenance Clean the solar module with a damp towel to insure optimum performance of the Hanging Solar Shed Light. Do not use any type of solvent for cleaning and be careful not to put too much pressure on the module while cleaning. Limited Warranty Proof of Purchase is Required (Receipt) Nature Power warrants our products to the original purchaser that this product is free from defects in materials and workmanship for the period of one year from date of purchase. Please contact Nature Power Products to acquire more information or technical support: 1-­‐800-­‐588-­‐0590 2
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