Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 What`s New

Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 What`s New
Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5 DSLR Editing At A Glance for Professional Photographers
Editing DSLR footage with
Adobe® Premiere® Pro CS5.5
Let your creative storytelling emerge with fast and reliable tools
What’s included:
•Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5
• Adobe OnLocation CS5
•Adobe Encore CS5
•Adobe Device Central CS5
• Adobe Bridge CS5
• Adobe Media Encoder CS5.5
Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5 is also
available as a component of
Adobe Creative Suite® 5.5
Production Premium and Adobe
Creative Suite 5.5 Master Collection.
Adobe Creative Suite 5.5 Production
Premium combines:
• Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5
• Adobe After Effects® CS5.5
• Adobe Photoshop® CS5 Extended
• Adobe Illustrator® CS5
• Adobe Flash® Catalyst™ CS5.5
• Adobe Flash CS5.5 Professional
• Adobe Audition® CS5.5
• Adobe OnLocation CS5
• Adobe Encore CS5
Additional components:
• Adobe Dynamic Link
• Adobe Bridge CS5
• Adobe Device Central CS5.5
• Adobe Media Encoder CS5.5
Integrates with new
Adobe CS Live online services
Photographers embracing DSLR video are discovering that their video files need editing.
To create a more compelling story, use Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5 to polish your video by
synchronizing music, mixing in photos, adjusting exposure and audio, editing clips, adding
effects and titles, and so much more.
With Adobe Premiere Pro, available for both Mac and Windows, jump into the creative—and enjoyable—
parts of video editing faster than any other software. With native support for DSLR cameras, edit video
immediately with no conversion or long render times. The powerful performance of the Adobe Mercury
Playback Engine allows you to mix footage and frame rates on multiple tracks and still have real-time
performance without waiting hours for each memory card to import. Adobe Premiere Pro empowers you
with speed and reliability that lets your creative storytelling emerge.
Top 10 reasons to use Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 for your DSLR video projects
Native support for DSLR cameras
Edit video from the latest DSLR cameras, such as Canon 5D Mark II, 1D Mark IV and 7D; Nikon D90,
D300s, D3000; and others. Instead of inflating files to a proprietary file format, Adobe Premiere Pro reads
and edits the original camera files natively. Native support in Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5 means you never
waste valuable time transcoding or rewrapping files. While other products can take hours until footage is
ready to edit, Adobe Premiere Pro only needs seconds. Native editing also means less disk space. And,
best of all, all your edits are nondestructive. Adobe Premiere Pro references the original media in a similar
way that Photoshop or Lightroom reference camera raw files. Adjustments are applied in a fully editable
manner and you can access the original clip at any time.
Check footage right from memory cards
When you need a closer look at your footage, you can drop clips right off the camera’s memory card into
the video timeline. This is a big boost for speed and quality as you can check how your footage will cut
together when you’re shooting it. You can even check video quality and exposure with built-in scopes
inside Adobe Premiere Pro.
Familiar Adobe user interface and toolset
With a consistent user interface across all Adobe applications, utilize your familiarity with Photoshop to
boost your speed in Adobe Premiere Pro. You’ll find that working in Adobe Premiere Pro is easier to learn
than other video editing tools because both share similar tools, keyboard shortcuts, and layouts.
Quickly organize your footage
The first part of editing video is simply getting organized. Quickly locate DSLR files on your hard drive or
media cards using the Media Browser in Adobe Premiere Pro. Additionally, identify your clips by adding
metadata which makes them easier to locate and identify its contents. When you archive clips or publish
to the web, your intellectual property is easily identified.
If Adobe Bridge is more your style, quickly browse, preview, mark, and filter clips. Create folders right
wihin Bridge to organize your footage. Add labels, star rankings, and useful metadata. Once you import
footage into Adobe Premiere Pro, your folder organization and metadata comes along with and is
retained throughout the post-production process.
For updates to system
requirements and more detailed
information about video hardware
compatibility, visit
Efficient tools for creative editing
Adobe Premiere Pro offers an extensive effects collection letting you create high-quality visual and
editorial effects directly within the video timeline. Edit faster with powerful tools that give you
precise control and real-time feedback. Add color correction and other effects using interfaces that
are nearly identical to those in Photoshop. Quickly fix audio and exposure issues right in the
Native support for Photoshop files
Import layered Photoshop files right into Adobe Premiere Pro, even advanced features like layer
styles, blending modes, and video layers are retained. Your time is valuable and every minute
counts, that’s why native support for video files from Photoshop Extended eliminates extra
rendering or exporting steps between applications. Quickly prepare still images for use with video
clips for rich multi-format productions and use Content-Aware Scale to reshape photos to a variety
of video aspect ratios.
Create stunning titles with Photoshop and, if using Photoshop CS5 Extended, include 3D text
effects with Adobe Repoussé. Photoshop even can be used to create DVD and Blu-ray menus for
use with Adobe Encore CS5, included with Adobe Premiere Pro. Using the Edit Original command
in Adobe Premiere Pro and Encore allows you to quickly update graphic files in Photoshop or
Photoshop Extended.
*The list of NVIDIA graphics cards
compatible with Adobe Premiere Pro
CS5 is updated on a regular basis.
For an up-to-date list of supported
cards, please see
Industry-leading, cross-platform performance
Discover the native 64-bit, GPU-accelerated Mercury Playback Engine in Adobe Premiere Pro
CS5.5 that provides unprecedented performance and rock-solid stability. This coupled with native
64-bit performance in Photoshop CS5 means you can handle complex video and special effects
with increased speed and performance not found in other manufacturer’s software. In Adobe
Premiere Pro, open projects rapidly, and create multi-layer, effects-rich sequences without
rendering. Adobe Premiere Pro users see significant performance increases on all hardware but
extraordinary performance boosts with a qualified NVIDIA graphics card.* You can seamlessly mix
photos and video on multiple tracks in the timeline with no need to render as you work
accomplishing in minutes what normally takes hours with other applications.
Work with video clips directly inside Photoshop Extended
If you know how to fix a photo, you can fix video using Photoshop Extended. Edit video clips and
save them as a Photoshop file for direct import into Adobe Premiere Pro. Use Photoshop Extended
to correct lens distortion in your footage to compensate for inherent flaws in all lenses such as
chromatic aberration and vignetting. A flexible cloning and paint engine removes unwanted
objects or repairs damage. Perform advanced color correction and grading using adjustment layers
and filters in Photoshop and see your footage update immediately in Adobe Premiere Pro. With
nondestructive tools, you can create the look you want in seconds.
Professional audio tools
Video professionals often say that audio is half the picture. To complete your edit you’ll find useful
audio effects and controls built-in to Adobe Premiere Pro. If you’re recording your audio separately
from your camera, then lining up your audio and video tracks is easy. Use the Merge Clips feature
in Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5 which provides dual-system sound support that enables you to
quickly match audio and video tracks originally recorded on separate devices and media.
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Product details:
Adobe Systems Incorporated
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San Jose, CA 95110-2704
Deliver your video practically anywhere
Create with confidence as you produce video optimized for distribution to practically any medium.
Use Adobe Media Encoder CS5.5, included with Adobe Premiere Pro, to deliver your video project
in the right format to sites like Vimeo and YouTube, and output industry-standard formats like
Flash, MPEG, and H.264. As a 64-bit application with multi-processor optimization, Adobe Media
Encoder can quickly output all of the major video and web formats. You can export single files at a
time or set up several clips to process in the background in a batch process. Additionally, with
Adobe Encore, create DVDs, Blu-ray Discs and a more engaging online viewing experience with
web DVDs.
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