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Mono-point Series
Fluorescent Pendant Fixture
Model: ENP / NIP / NVP / SSP
(with SCT Suffix)
120VAC / 60Hz
Safety Precautions
Read all safety precautions and installation instructions
carefully before installing or servicing this fixture. Failure to
comply with these instructions could result in potentially
fatal electric shock and/or property damage.
It is recommended that all wiring be performed by a
qualified electrician. This fixture must be wired in
accordance with all national and local electrical codes.
Do not handle any energized fixture or attempt to energize
any fixture with wet hands or while standing on a wet or
damp surface or in water.
This fixture is designed for use in a 110-120VAC, 60Hz
fused circuit. Do not use on a dimming circuit.
To reduce the risk of electrical shock, and to assure proper
operation, this fixture must be adequately grounded. Make
sure to connect the canopy (5) ground wire to the incoming
earth ground from your main power supply panel.
This fixture is intended to be used for general indoor lighting
in damp locations.
Assembly Instructions
Preparing for installation.
A. Disconnect electrical power before installing or servicing any part of this fixture.
B. Insert one set of #8-32 x 1” screws (2) through the top of gem bar (3) with the threaded portions facing down to line up
with the mounting holes in the canopy (5).
C. Attach gem bar (3) to junction box (not provided) in position shown with #8-32 x 1-1/2 screws (1) provided. Note: Allow
access into junction box to complete wiring.
All wiring must take place inside junction box. Caution: Make sure power is off at fuse or circuit breaker box. Check
power wires for damage or scrapes. Note: Most dwellings built before 1985 have supply wire rated to 60C. Consult a qualified
electrician before installing.
A. Feed cord (9) through strain relief (8) and center hole in canopy (5).
B. Connect the green ground pig-tail wire attached to the canopy and the fixture green wire (or clear wire with green streak)
to the supply ground wire and secure with a wire nut (provided).
C. To modify cord (9) length, unscrew strain relief cover (8) from canopy (5). Pull cord (9) through canopy to desired length
and make a knot to prevent from slipping from the strain relief (7) (8). Secure cord by re-attaching strain relief cover (8).
D. Once desired mounting length is determined, cut cord allowing for 6 inches of wire for junction box wiring. Carefully
remove outer insulation from cord without damaging lead wires. Strip lead wires back 3/8 inch for wire nut connections.
WARNING: Inspect modified cord and wires for any damaged insulation.
E. Using wire connectors provided, connect white (Common/Neutral) supply wire to white (or clear wire with white streak)
fixture wire. Connect black (Hot/Incoming) supply wire to the other black (or clear with black or grey streak) fixture wire.
Pull on each wire lead to make sure connections are secure. Make certain no bare wires are exposed outside of wire
A. Tighten gem bar mounting screws (2).
B. Align canopy (5) over mounting studs (2) and fasten with thumbnuts (6).
C. Tighten strain relief (8) securely against cord (9).
Restore power at fuse or circuit box.
To install, line up lamp (11) pins with the corresponding holes in lamp socket (9) and turn clockwise until a click is heard.
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8060619 R0
Mono-point Series
Fluorescent Pendant Fixture
Model: ENP / NIP / NVP / SSP
(with SCT Suffix)
120VAC / 60Hz
Limited Factory Warranty
American Fluorescent Corporation hereby warranty that this fixture is free from defects in materials and workmanship when installed and used under normal
operating conditions for a period of 2 years from date of purchase. This warranty covers all component parts and extends only to replacement of defective fixture or
components; it does not cover failure due to improper installation, misuse, mishandling or damage incurred in transit.
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8060619 R0
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