The cards The line of cards Game preparation How to play

The cards The line of cards Game preparation How to play
Players: 2-4 people
Age: 8 years and up
Duration: approx. 20 min.
Andreas Spies & Reinhard Staupe
The cards
The 79 cards in total show the numbers from 12 to 98. The numbers 20, 30, 40, 50, 60,
70, 80 and 90 are not included. Each Toad Card with identical digits (22, 33, 44 etc.)
counts 5 minus points, if you have to remove it from the centre of the table. All other cards
always count 1 point per card (either minus or plus).
Take note: There is exactly one so-called Twisted Card to go with each card (except the
Toad Cards with identical digits), i.e. a card showing the digits in twisted order:
Twisted Cards
Twisted Cards
Twisted Cards
The line of cards
During the course of the game, a line of cards is formed in the centre of the table, which
can be of any length. The line of cards begins directly beside the draw pile and then grows
(from left to right) by exactly one card each time.
The line of cards currently consists of 5 cards.
If one of you should remove a card from the line (twist), the remaining cards in the line
are immediately moved closer together to close any gaps in between.
A card has just been removed (twisted). Immediately move up the three cards on the right,
so that you close the gap.
If one of the players doesn’t want to or is unable to extend the line (by adding one card to
the right) or doesn’t twist any card in the line, then he must take the complete line. That’s
bitter because that means minus points.
Game preparation
Shuffle and deal the 79 cards. Each player receives a certain number of cards, which they
take up into their hand. 2 to 3 players each receive 9 cards; 4 players each receive 8
cards. Place the remaining cards face down in the centre of the table to form a draw pile.
How to play
The player on the left of the dealer begins. When it’s your turn, you must either A) lay exactly
one card in the line on the right or B) twist exactly one card from the line (remove it).
Then draw a card from the pile, so that you have 9 cards in hand again (2 to 3 players)
or 8 cards in a game with 4 players. That was it. Now, it’s the next player’s turn. Play
continues in clockwise direction as described, until someone has to take the complete line.
Action A) Laying a card in the line
If and when it’s your turn and you wish to lay one of your cards to the right of the line,
your number may be a maximum of 10 higher or 10 lower than the card currently lying
on the far right. If you have several such cards in hand, then you may choose which
card you lay.
Take note: If there are no cards at all lying beside the draw pile, then you must lay (any)
one of your cards to the right of the draw pile to begin the line. Then draw exactly one
card from the draw pile and the next player takes their turn.
Alex begins. There are no cards in the line yet. Alex decides
on the 34 and lays it as the first card in the line. He takes one
card from the draw pile and the next player takes their turn.
It’s Sarah’s turn. The card currently lying on the far
right is the 34. Now Sarah must add a card showing
any number from 24 to 44. She lays the 41. Then
she draws one card.
It’s Linus’ turn. The card currently lying
on the far right is the 41, so Linus must
now lay a card showing any number from
31 to 51. He decides on the 49 and then
draws one card.
Action B) Twisting a card
When it’s your turn, instead of laying a card to the right of the line, you can twist exactly
one card in the line. For this, you need to have a Twisted Card in your hand (corresponding
to one of the cards in the line). Basically, every card in the line can be twisted, no matter
where it’s lying. Only the Toad Cards with identical digits cannot be twisted.
Take note: You may also twist a card when the current line comprises only one single
card. The next player starts off a new line with Action A.
kShow the Twisted Card from your hand and remove the corresponding Twisted Card
from the line. Place both the Twisted Cards face up beside you. At the end of the game,
each Twisted Card counts one plus point. Close up the gap in the line immediately.
It’s Marlene’s turn. She holds a 94 in her hand and shows it to everyone. She removes
the 49 from the line and places both the Twisted Cards (94 and 49) face up beside her.
She immediately closes the gap left behind (by moving the cards together). Marlene
draws a card and the next player takes their turn.
Taking the complete line
When it’s your turn and you neither want or are unable to lay a card to the right
of the line or twist a card, you must take the complete line and place it face down
beside you – at the end of the game all of these cards count as minus points.
Then, if you took the complete line, you continue as normal. You must carry out
Action A, i.e. place any one of your hand cards to the right of the draw pile to begin
a new line. Next, draw another card and then play goes to the next player.
End of the game and scoring
Once the draw pile has been completely used up, no more cards can be drawn from then
on. Play continues as normal until the current line of cards has been taken (or completely
twisted away) – then the game ends at once and the scores are counted up.
•The remaining hand cards have no value and are put to one side.
•Each card laid face up during the game (twisted) counts 1 plus point.
•All discarded cards that were laid face down count as minus points: every Toad Card
showing identical digits counts 5 minus points, all other cards each count 1 minus point.
•Each player adds up their plus and minus points. Sarah has 12 plus points and 17 minus
points. Thus, her result is -5.
Note down the points gained on a sheet of paper. Two complete rounds are played, exactly
as described. The player with the best overall result has won. Obviously, more rounds can
be agreed upon, if wished.
Advanced variation (recommended particularly for two players): If the line beside
the draw pile comprises one card only and someone takes this single card, then they
place it beside them as an absolutely normal minus point. In addition, they must take
the top card off the draw pile and lay this face down beside them as a minus point(s),
too. All other rules remain unchanged.
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