Fortress Railing Products 52500000 Installation Guide

Installation Instructions
FortressAccents LED Cap Light Kit
with FortressAccents Post Caps
It is the responsibility of the installer to meet all code and safety requirements. The installer should determine
and implement the appropriate installation techniques for each situation. The Fortress Company or its
distributors shall not be held liable for improper or unsafe installations.
WARNING – Risk of Electric Shock. Install all luminaires 10 feet (3.05 m) or more from a pool, spa, or fountain.
Required Materials: Phillips Head Screw Driver, Wire Cutters, Wire Strippers, Eye Protection
1. Run 18-2 gauge stranded outdoor wire (available from
FortressAccents, please visit for
dealer locations) by routing in close proximity to the
luminaire or fitting, or next to a building structure such as a
house or deck. Wire should not be buried. Install
FortressAccents post cap base to post. FortressAccents
post cap installation will vary depending on style of post.
Remove light plugs from FortressAccents post cap base.
2. Place each LED module into an indention in the
FortressAccents post cap base with the LED’s facing
down. Secure the LED module with provided screws. You
may eliminate the light emitted from any side of the
FortressAccents post cap by clipping the wire of the unneeded LED module and wrapping the ends of wire with
electrical tape.
3. Strip the wire insulation back ½” from the field wiring.
Connect wires with provided waterproof wire nuts. Wire
connections can also be made below the deck surface.
Note: Polarity must be maintained. Always connect the
same side of 18-2 gauge wire with the same polarity (i.e.
positive) marked on the LED Cap Light Kit.
4. Before installing the post cap, make the connections
on all of the LED cap modules you plan to use. Connect
the field wiring to the transformer and turn on the lights
to verify that the wiring is correct. Install the post cap
cover with the provided fasteners.
Please visit for information on how to order additional accessories.
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