LTC4413 - Dual Ideal Diodes Deliver 2.6A, Occupy only 9mm2

LTC4413 - Dual Ideal Diodes Deliver 2.6A, Occupy only 9mm2
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Dual Ideal Diodes Deliver 2.6A, Occupy only 9mm2
MILPITAS, CA – December 7, 2004 – Linear Technology Corporation introduces the
LTC4413, a two-channel ideal diode designed to reduce heat, voltage drop and board space
as well as preserve battery life. The device is ideal for applications requiring an ideal diode
OR function for load sharing or automatic switchover between two input power sources.
Equipped with several intelligent circuits, the LTC4413 has control access to each ideal
diode - allowing for adjustment of the switchover voltage - and indicates whether the
selected ideal diode is conducting. It also offers current limit and thermal protection as well
as slow turn-off to protect against voltage spikes. A thermally enhanced 3mm x 3mm DFN
package permits each channel to deliver up to 2.6A from an input supply ranging from
2.5V to 5.5V. With a low forward voltage of 80mV at 500mA and 210mV at 2A, and only
1uA of leakage current, the LTC4413 provides great improvement over discrete diode OR
solutions. The LTC4413 is designed for use in handheld products, systems with a USB
interface or backup battery.
The LTC4413 contains two 100mOhm P-channel MOSFETs. Quiescent current is
less than 40uA for output currents up to 1A. If either of the output voltages exceeds their
respective input voltages, that MOSFET is turned off and less than 1uA of reverse current
will flow from OUT to IN. Maximum forward current in each MOSFET is limited to a
constant 2.6A and internal thermal limiting circuits protect the part during fault conditions.
A 9uA open-drain STAT pin indicates conduction status of the selected channel and can
also be used to drive an external P-channel MOSFET to control a third alternate power
Dual Ideal Diodes Deliver 2.6A, Occupy only 9mm2
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The LTC4413 is rated for operation from -40ºC to 85ºC and is housed in a 10-lead
3mm x 3mm DFN. 1,000-piece pricing starts at $2.15 each.
Summary of Features: LTC4413
2-Channel Ideal Diode ORing or Load Sharing
Low Loss Replacement for ORing Diodes
Low Forward ON Resistance of 100mOhm at 3.6V
Low Reverse Leakage Current
Small Regulated Forward Voltage of 28mV
COMPANY BACKGROUND: Linear Technology Corporation was founded in 1981 as a
manufacturer of high performance linear integrated circuits. Linear Technology products
include high performance amplifiers, comparators, voltage references, monolithic filters,
linear regulators, DC-DC converters, battery chargers, data converters, communications
interface circuits, RF signal conditioning circuits, and many other analog functions.
Applications for Linear Technology’s high performance circuits include
telecommunications, cellular telephones, networking products such as optical switches,
notebook and desktop computers, computer peripherals, video/multimedia, industrial
instrumentation, security monitoring devices, high-end consumer products such as digital
cameras and MP3 players, complex medical devices, automotive electronics, factory
automation, process control, and military and space systems.
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