iPhone 5c
iPhone 5c
When setting out to protect iPhone 5c, LifeProof
had three goals: keep it protected, keep it touchable,
keep it colorful. And with nüüd, we hit all three. nüüd
protects iPhone 5c from drops and dunks, opens the
touchscreen to direct touch, and lets the true color
shine through.
With four-proof protection, uninterrupted touch and
a complementary clear case, nüüd keeps the iPhone 5c
colorfully covered so users can live outside the lines.
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Touchscreen glass is incredibly tough, and like all glass,
waterproof. nüüd technology exploits these properties
instead of covering them. Like a windshield seals to a
car’s body, the case seals to the touchscreen. Together,
glass and seal keep water and debris out while the
inside stays safe and dry.
• User can touch the actual touchscreen
• iPhone 5c stays completely waterproof
and drop proof
• Zero visual interference — eliminates glare, rainbows
• Uninterrupted touch response
Using integrated gaskets, nüüd forms a waterproof seal
around the edge of the iPhone 5c touchscreen. Sealing
to the actual touchscreen keeps the case and phone
completely waterproof, while the touchscreen stays
open to direct touch.
5.2 mm
.60 in /1
Tested to meet strict specifications — and to exceed your expectations
The thinnest, lightest all-protective case ever made for iPhone 5c
waterproof seal protects iPhone 5c and opens the touchscreen to direct touch
user can touch the actual touchscreen
clear case shows off iPhone 5c's vibrant colored shell
slim, sleek case stays true to the iPhone 5c precision lines and profile
stays waterproof when using headphones (includes waterproof headphone jack
5.46 in/ 138.7 mm
complete access to the touchscreen and every button, control and port
MIL STD 810-516
Water Test
This US Military Standard addresses
the functional drop. It requires that
an item can physically withstand the
relatively infrequent, non-repetitive
shocks encountered during handling
and transportation.
All cases are factory water tested.
Then an independent lab conducts
additional testing, including a second
water test on randomly selected
cases. Cases that pass are shipped.
Cases that fail are scrapped.
The international standard for Ingress
Protection (IP). 6 is the highest rating
for solids. 8 is the highest for liquids.
IP-68 rated cases withstand circulating
talc for 8 hours and water immersion
to 2m for 1 hour.
Survives the drops, vibrations and
bumps users encounter day to day.
Ensures every case is leak free while
instilling maximum consumer confidence.
Designed and tested to keeps water,
dirt, dust and snow out.
dynamic speaker ports deliver maximum sound output and clarity
anti-reflective optical-glass lens ensures distortion-free photography
DIMENSIONS 2.67in x 0.60in x 5.46in /
67.8mm x 15.2mm x 138.7mm
WEIGHT 1.4oz/ 40g
MSRP $89.99
8 mm
2.67 in / 67.
Fully submersible to 6.6 feet / 2m for up to 1 hour
Totally sealed from dirt and minute dust particles
This level of water protection goes beyond accidental spills, splashes and
surprise weather. Users can take their iPhone 5c swimming, surfing and
rafting. They can shoot underwater videos. Listen to music in the shower.
Read in the tub. And wash it off in the sink.
See IP-68 under Lab Tested.
LifeProof’s water protection standards also block dust and dirt. Users can
take iPhone 5c hiking, camping, hunting and shopping. They can use it on
the job, on the field or on the beach. Dirt, dust, sand, grit and mud stay out,
keeping the iPhone 5c up and running.
See IP-68 under Lab Tested.
Survives drops from up to 6.6 feet / 2m
Completely closed to sleet, snow and ice
Drops are the number-one cause of device damage. It slips from the user’s
hand, falls off their lap, drops from the car roof or gets knocked off the
table. LifeProof frē is built to military specifications for drop protection —
safeguarding iPhone 5c from the most common mishaps.
See MIL STD 810F-516 under Lab Tested.
Since frē has no problem keeping water and dirt out, it’s perfect for
protecting iPhone 5c from melting snow, ice and sleet. Traditional cases
can actually wick water from melting snow, drenching the device inside.
With frē, users can ski, snowboard, skate and sled without worry.
See IP-68 under Lab Tested.
nüüd for Galaxy S4
nüüd for iPhone 5s
nüüd protects Galaxy S4 from
the plunges and fumbles of daily
life. Then, it launches usability
through the stratosphere by
removing the screen cover. That’s
right — four-proof protection
with no need for a screen cover!
Everything LifeProof is built on
— sleek style, full device function,
uncompromising design, and of
course, the Four Proofs — is built
into the iPhone 5s case. And, the
nüüd technology takes usability
to all new levels.
frē for Galaxy S4
frē for iPhone 5s
Meet the next-generation
smartphone case for the nextgeneration smartphone — frē for
Galaxy S4. frē safeguards Galaxy
S4 with a built-in touchscreen
protector and is backed up by our
legendary four-proof protection.
The thinnest, lightest, all-protective
case available for iPhone 5s.
Featuring a built-in screen cover
and waterproof, dirt-proof, snowproof and drop-proof protection,
frē lets you use iPhone 5 everywhere,
everyday for everything.
LifeProof tablet and smartphone cases are just that
— life proof. Designed to deliver protection, style and
functionality, LifeProof gives users the freedom to
enjoy their mobile device everyday, everywhere, for
everything — without worry.
LifeProof continues to innovate and introduce
technologies like frē, nüüd and four-proof protection
in their mission to keep mobile devices protected and
consumers connected in all situations.
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