HAZ-DUST EPAM-7500 Portable Monitor and Air Station Spec

HAZ-DUST EPAM-7500 Portable Monitor and Air Station Spec
Portable Direct-reading PM Monitor and Air Station
 Simultaneous optical light scattering measurement and gravimetric sampling for
ambient and indoor particulate matter
• Sensitive IR optical light scattering for real-time measurement and graphical representation
of PM profile
• 47-mm FRM-style filter holder for concurrent gravimetric sampling for cross-calibration
and further PM speciation
 Measures temperature and relative humidity
 Optional accessories include:
• Wireless modem
• Solar panel
• External audible alarm
• Remote sampling probe
• Heating element for high-humidity areas
• Ultrasonic wind speed and direction measurement to exclude near-field resources
- Wind speed, wind direction, barometric pressure, heat index, and
GPS in one lightweight sensor; no moving parts
 Interchangeable single-jet impactors for PM10, PM2.5, PM1.0, or respirable
• Sampling inlets for PM10, PM2.5, and TSP included with instrument
Measurements displayed simultaneously on graphical color touch screen
Internal 90-dB pulse alarm — user-selectable threshold
Rechargeable Li-Ion battery provides ≥ 24-hour operation
Multiple interface for data transfer
• Removable CF card
• USB Types A and B
• Ethernet port
 Datalogging
• Digital outputs include serial (RS-232), removable CF card, USB Types A and B, and
Ethernet port
• DustComm Pro PC analysis/reporting software included
Interchangeable impactor
Color touch screen
The HAZ-DUST EPAM-7500 portable monitor
and air station provides simultaneous real-time
measurements of particulate matter, temperature,
and relative humidity in ambient and indoor air.
Interchangeable size-selective sampling heads
allow PM10, PM2.5, PM1.0, respirable, or TSP
monitoring. Optional accessory for measuring
ultrasonic wind speed and direction is available. A
filter holder positioned directly behind the optical
sensor provides concurrent gravimetric sampling for
cross-calibration of optical sensor, further particulate
speciation, and determination of metal and carbon
Optional ultrasonic wind speed
and direction measurement
EPAM-7500 on optional tripod
with solar panel
Publication 1821 Rev 1702
Portable Direct-reading PM Monitor and Air Station
EPAM-7500 Applications
Performance Profile
The EPAM-7500 is compact and weighs only seven pounds for easy transport
from site to site.
IR optical light scattering
Sensing Range:
0.001 to 400 mg/m3
 Particulate indoor air quality investigations
Particle Size Range:
0.1 to 100 μm
 Evaluation of dust suppression/engineering controls
± 0.003 mg/m3 (3 μg/m3)
 Walk-through IAQ surveys
Sampling Flow Rate:
2 L/min (adjustable)
 Dust generation monitoring
± 10% to filter using SAE fine test dust
Gravimetric reference NIST-traceable SAE
fine test dust – ISO 12103-1
 Hot spot location and identification
Filter Holder:
47 mm, FRM style
 Hazardous waste site and fenceline monitoring
Relative Humidity Sensor Range:
5 to 100% RH
 Quantification of particle migration
 Urban roadside air quality studies
 Baseline surveys
Graphical color touch screen
Alarm Output:
Internal, 90 dB at 3 ft
External, 90 dB at 9 ft and
visual strobe (optional)
Recording Time:
1 sec to 24 mo
Sampling Rate:
1 sec, 5 sec, 10 sec, 1 min, 15 min,
30 min, or 1 hr
Data Storage:
75,000 data points
Memory and Time Storage: > 5 years
Real-time Clock and Data Display:
Hours, minutes, seconds and day, month, year
Graphical Data Display:
Concentration in mg/m3 and TWA, MAX,
MIN, STEL, date, time, temperature, and
relative humidity
Digital Output:
RS-232 serial 9-pin D sub and USB;
removable CF card and Ethernet port
Windows driven for graphical and data
translation, requires Windows XP or 7
Rechargeable and interchangeable
Li-Ion battery
Operating Time:
≥ 24 hours (Li-Ion battery), continuous
(AC or solar)
Charging Time:
Approximately 5 hrs
Operating Temperature and Humidity:
14 to 122 F (-10 to 50 C), 95% non-condensing
EPAM-7500 is ideal for fenceline monitoring.
SKC Limited Warranty and Return Policy
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which provides SKC’s sole liability and the buyer’s exclusive remedy. To
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Storage Temperature:
-4 to 158 F (-20 to 70 C)
Case Dimensions:
4 x 10 x 9 in (10.2 x 25.4 x 22.9 cm)
7 lbs (3.2 kg)
Contact SKC to custom order
the EPAM-7500!
SKC Inc. 724-941-9701
SKC-West 714-992-2780
SKC Gulf Coast 281-859-8050
SKC South 434-352-7149
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