Yosemite Home Decor LK919-ORB Use and Care Manual

Warning: To avoid the risks of fire, electrical shock or injury,
please observe the following:
To ensure the correct and complete installation, be sure to read the instructions and review the diagrams
carefully and thoroughly before beginning installation.
If possible, mount the ceiling fan on a ceiling joist. The joist must be able to support the motion and weight
of the moving fan. If the fan will be mounted on a ceiling outlet box, a 4" x 2-1/8" deep METAL octagon box is
required; one UL listed as "suitable for fan support ". The box and its supporting members must not be able
to twist or work loose. DO NOT USE PLASTIC BOXES. Installation on a concrete ceiling should be
performed by qualified personnel.
Blades should be attached after motor housing is hung and in place. Fan motor housing should be kept in
the carton until ready to be installed to protect its finish. If you are installing more than one ceiling fan, make
sure that you do not mix fan blade sets.
Make sure that your installation site will not allow rotating fan blades to come in contact with any object.
Blades should be at least 7 feet from the floor when fan is in operation.
To avoid any possible accidents such as electric shock, be sure ceiling fan is not connected to power source
before wiring. All electrical connections must be made in accordance with local codes, ordinances and/or
the National Electric Code. If you are unfamiliar with the methods of installing electrical wiring and
products, secure the services of a qualified and licensed electrician as well as someone who can check the
strength of the supportive ceiling members and make the proper installations and connections.
See wire connection instruction for your guide. Electrical diagrams are for reference only. Read the
instructions carefully and connect wires correctly and completely.
After making electrical connections, spliced conductors should be turned upward and pushed carefully up
into the outlet box. The wires should be spread apart from the grounded conductor. Ground conductor
should be placed opposite to the outlet box from the "HOT" wires.
After fan is completely installed, double check everything to make sure that all connections are secure to
prevent fan from falling and/or causing damage or injury.
The fan can be used immediately after installation. The bearings are adequately charged with grease so
that, under normal condition, further lubrication should not be necessary.
Important Notes:
The fan must be turned off and at a complete stop before reversing fan direction.
Light kits that are not packed with the fan must be UL or CUL listed and should be installed per light kit's
installation instructions.
This fan is suitable for indoor locations only.