Westinghouse | 7041200 | Instructions / Assembly | Westinghouse 7041200 Instructions / Assembly

Brass Finish
To be installed and/or used in accordance with appropriate electrical
codes and regulations.
WARNING: To avoid fire, shock, or death, unplug lamp or turn off
power at circuit breaker or fuse and test that power is off before
To Install:
(For use with #18 or #16 AWG Stranded Copper Wire Only)
1. To disassemble shell from cap, press where indicated on shell.
Remove wires from interior mechanism, and loosen set screw (if any)
on bushing of old cap. Unscrew cap from pipe while holding pipe to
prevent it from turning.
2. Pass wire through bushing on new cap. Screw cap onto pipe. If
applicable, tighten set screw on cap bushing securely. Insulating disk
must be in bottom of cap.
3. Tie underwriters knot in wires (see diagram). Pull knot tight.
4. Strip insulation to expose 1⁄2” to 5⁄8” of bare copper strands. Be careful
not to damage wire strands or insulation beyond stripped length.
5. Twist copper strands of each wire tightly together. Loop wires clockwise
⁄4 turn around terminal screws. Firmly tighten screws over wire loops.
Connect white or ribbed wire (or with color tracer or with silver strands)
to silver terminal screw and remaining wire to brass terminal screw. Cut
off any loose strands not secure under screw heads.
6. Slide metal shell (with insulating liner inside) over mechanism so switch
is seated in slot(s) on shell and push shell firmly into cap until it locks
securely and evenly into position. To assure locking, push on metal
shell only. Pushing on inner liner may prevent locking.
7. Plug in lamp or restore power.
8. Follow these instructions exactly to maintain the polarity of a correctly
wired system.
Rated: 250W-250V • Standard Base
Complete Spanish instructions
are enclosed.
Instrucciones de instalción incluides
en Español.
Underwriter's Knot
Nudo "Underwriter's"
Terminal Screw
Apretar el Tornillo
de la Terminal
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