Hampton Bay BSG8412 Instructions / Assembly

Note: Please consult a qualified electrician if you are not certain of the installation.
CAUTION: Before starting the installation, disconnect the power by turning off the circuit breaker or by
removing the fuse at the fuse box.
1. Pull the supply wires and house ground wires out from the outlet box and fasten mounting strap onto outlet
box using 2 outlet box screws.
2. Tie the ground wires from the outlet box and from the fixture to the ground screw on the mounting strap.
Connect the wires white to white and black to black, cover the connections using wire connectors provided.
3. Place the canopy over the nipple all the way to the wall and secure it by tightening the finial.
4. Place the glass shade over the socket and fasten the socket ring to the socket all the way until the glass is
held firmly to the fixture.
5. Install bulbs (bulbs included)