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Multi-Functional Car Jump Starter External Battery
Multi-Functional Car Jump Starter External Battery
Package Contents
Anker® 12000mAh External Battery
15V / 1A Adapter
15V / 1A Car Adapter
Charging Base for Car Adapter
Jumper Clamps
Welcome Guide
Identification of Parts
1. LED flashlight
2. LCD power monitor
3. Flashlight button
4. DC input port
5. Power button
6. 5V / 2.1A USB output port
7. 12V / 10A DC output port
8. 12V jump starter port
9. Compass
Technical Specifications
12000mAh /44.4Wh
Net Weight
439g / 15.5oz
162 × 78 × 32mm / 6.2 × 3.0 × 1.3in
DC Input
15V / 1A
USB Output
5V / 2.1A
DC Output
12V / 10A
Starting Current
Peak Current
400A (3 sec)
0~40°C / 32~104°F
LCD Monitor Display
Charging in progress
≥60% power remaining
<50% power remaining
<10% power remaining
USB output port charging
Flashlight on
% power remaining
Press the power button
to power on the external battery. When
powered on, press the flashlight button
to activate the LED
flashlight and toggle between intense light, strobe light, SOS and
off. To cancel the alarm, double press the power button, and hold to
power off.
How to Charge Your Anker Jump Starter Battery
1. Connect either (a) the included AC adapter to a wall socket or (b)
the included car adapter to a cigarette lighter socket.
2. Plug the remaining end of the chosen adapter into the Jump Starter
Battery’s input port.
3. Press the power button to begin charging. The Jump Starter Battery
will take 4 hours to fully charge via the AC adapter or car adapter.
How to Use the Anker Jump Starter Battery to Start a Car
1. Make sure the Jump Starter Battery is at least 20% charged.
2. Connect the red clamp to the positive “+” end of your car’s battery
and the black clamp to the negative “-” end.
3. Plug the power cable attached to the clamps into the 12V jump
starter port.
4. Press the power button. The green LED will light up to show the
battery is on.
5. Start your vehicle and remove the battery within 30 seconds of
your car starting.
6. Remove the clamps from the battery.
How to Charge Phones, Tablets and Other Electronic Devices
1. Plug the USB end of your charging cable into the Jump Starter
Battery’s 5V output port.
2. Attach the remaining end of your USB charging cable to your
3. Press the power button to begin charging.
How to Charge 12V Devices or Vehicles
1. Plug the AC adapter or car adapter into the Jump Starter Battery’s
12V output port.
2. Connect the remaining end of the adapter to your 12V device or
3. Press the power button to begin charging.
Usage Notes
1. To protect the long-term capacity of your device’s battery, please
unplug the power wire promptly after the device is fully charged.
2. Keep the product away from extreme heat or cold, as well as any
flammable items or damp places. Also avoid dropping, hitting or
throwing the product.
3. Please fully charge your external battery at least once every 3
months to avoid shortening its lifespan.
4. Do not try to charge and discharge the Jumper Starter Battery at
the same time, as this may reduce the battery’s lifespan.
5. The clamps should not be used for any activity other than jump
starting a car.
To avoid injury and/or damage to your device or vehicle, do not
connect the red and black clamps together.
■ Remove the battery within 30 seconds of starting your car.
Contains explosive material.
Contact with battery acid can cause severe burns and blindness.
Do not disassemble or place near fire.
Keep out of reach of children.
Our company provides customers with a warranty of 18 MONTHS
from the date of purchase.
Contact Us
For any inquiries or comments concerning our products, please send
an email to [email protected], and we will respond to you as soon
as possible. If there is any quality-related issue with the product, you
may request a REPLACEMENT OR REFUND by submitting a request
form at www.ianker.com/support.
We’re only able to provide after-sales service for purchases made
directly from Anker. If you purchased through a different retailer,
please contact them for any exchange or refund requests.
■ Please note that unauthorized reselling of Anker products is
1-800-988-7973 (U.S.) Mon-Fri 9:00-5:00 (PST)
[email protected]
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