Cubase 4.1 Update – Complete List of New Features

Cubase 4.1 Update – Complete List of New Features
Cubase 4.1 Update – Complete List of New Features
Plug-ins and Instruments
MIDI & Music
Free routing
New VST3 plug-ins: Chorus, Distortion,
DualFilter; Roomworks, Roomworks SE,
Apogee UV22HR
Advanced Drag&Drop support for MIDI Files
Recording from summing objects
User-definable Track Quick Controls
Side-Chain input on VST3 plug-ins
Files and Formats (Import and Export)
SEQUEL project import
Music XML Import and Export
VST Bridge (run 32-bit Windows plug-ins in 64bit; run PPC-only plug-ins on Intel Macs)
New preset sound banks for Embracer,
Prologue, Spector and Mystic (+400 new
Load Projects inactive
“Manage” option for folders/volumes
Project Root Key
Support for new file type “MIDI Loop”
Project Logical Editor Presets
Activity Indicator in filter section
Global Transpose Track
Redesign for MediaBay dialogs
Arranger Track (renamed from “Play Order
Track”) with live trigger mode
Re-organized browse locations menu
Additional key commands
Insert loops, sounds, track presets with doubleclick
MusicXML Import and Export
Import/Export Layouts
“Local Key” option for selected staffs
Staff Sub-Names
Courtesy Accidentals Distance
Support for Windows Vista
Track Control context functions for multiple
“Disable Display Transpose” menu bar option
Direct Monitoring: improved level handling in
direct monitoring path
New “MIDI Loop” file type
Redesigned Plug-in Menu
Arranger Track: new chain options: Repeat
Forever, Pause After Repeats
New advanced “Flatten” options for Arranger
“Hide First Barline in Parts” option
“Enharmonic shift for entire bar” option
“Accidentals for each note” option
Advanced note coloring options (additional
“Center accents on stems” option
Context-functions for resizing (notes and
Advanced options for size, length and shape
Context-function for aligning dynamics symbols
Context-function for pedal symbol options
Capodaster option for guitar tablatures
Re-organized track controls window
Improved multi processing performance
Fade handles always on top
Drum Editor: instrument name display when
moving events; instrument name in info-line
Improved QuickTime 7 support:
Drum Editor: show/edit velocity for multiple
selected instruments
Key Editor: show instrument name when drum
map is active
Sample Editor Function Inspector (AudioWarp
definition/playback, Hitpoint editing, Range
editing, Process)
Project Logical Editor
Remote Control protocol update (provides
remote control support for Cubase 4 Control
Room and Instrument Tracks)
Additional tutorials and videos
MPEG1, MPEG4, .h264
HQ playback mode
Half/double size support
Replace audio in video file for all
supported audio file formats
Arranger Chains follow external timecode
(when Cubase is synced externally)
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