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How can I get reliable
blood pressure
measurement results?
Electronic blood pressure monitors for home use are very reliable medical instruments. They measure your
blood pressure as precisely as your doctor or nurse would. However, a great deal depends on the accuracy
of the device being used, which is confirmed by way of a clinical validation, which all leading brands try to
attain. All MICROLIFE monitors were developed together with doctors with accuracy and reliability tested in
controlled patient studies.
Ensuring optimal measurement conditions
1. It’s worth noting that during the stress and strains of everyday life, blood pressure deviations of 30
mmHg within minutes are quite normal.
2. You should therefore measure your blood pressure when you fell relaxed, in quiet conditions and in a
sitting position.
3. It is very important to ensure quiet conditions when performing measurements at a pharmacy.
Preferably, the measurements should be performed in a separate room, and it is recommended to
take a series of readings to minimise natural measurement variations.
4. Please try to measure your blood pressure at home at least once a day.
5. To compare the data, you should measure at the same time of the day and under comparable
situations, for example every evening about an hour after eating.
6. Avoid eating, smoking as well as all forms of exertion directly before measurement.
7. Make sure that the cuff correctly fits to your arm or wrist circumference.
How to take a reliable and relaxed blood pressure measurement
1. Make sure that you relax for at least 5 to 10 minutes before measuring.
2. Sit down in a comfortable position.
3. Fit the cuff as explained in the instruction manual.
Secure the cuff tightly but not so tight as to be uncomfortable.
4. With upper arm monitors, please avoid restricting blood flow
by rolling up your sleeve too tightly. Thin clothes on the arm do not
interfere with accuracy.
5. Please ensure that the cuff is at heart level! A 15 cm difference
in height would result in a measurement error of 10 mmHg!
6. Switch the device on and relax while the cuff is inflating.
7. Until the result is displayed:
Do not move.
Do not tense your muscles.
Do not talk.
Breathe normally.
8. Switch the device off and remove the cuff from your arm.
upper arm
wrist monitors
If you are performing several measurements sequentially, you should wait at least 15 seconds
between two measurements, and do not remove the cuff in between.
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