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24 Volt (24-OS) Heater Instructions
Air enters heater through the heater core and exits on the motor side
To protect your heater from rust and electrical corrosion, mount the unit in a dry location. Make sure to keep heater case
at least two inches away from obstacles that could block intake air. Keep in mind air enters through the heater core and
exits on the motor side of the heater.
Water flow:
Note: Check with the engine manufacturer's specifications and recommendations for the coolant system feed and return
Remove and discard the protective pipe end caps used for shipping, they are located in the tubing ends of the heater core.
The proper size heater hose is 5/8" ID. Hoses must be protected from chaffing damage, sharp bends (kinking) and
should meet or exceed SAE 20R1 Type EC, Standard Wall Class D-1 specifications for engine cooling system hoses,
such as Green Stripe® Heavy Duty Heater Hose.
If more than one heater is being used, they must be connected in series.
Feed first heater from engine block onto lower core fitting, then from top fitting of the first heater to the lower fitting of
the second (third, etc.) heater, then return from the top fitting of the last in the series to the engine water pump.
Proper wire size is 14 gauge.
A three position switch (off-on-on) is required.
A 20 amp overcurrent protection device (breaker or fuse) is required for the power source.
Orange wire is high speed, red wire is low speed.
Connect the black wire to the negative (-) ground source.
Caution!! to avoid injury caused by hot engine water and anti-freeze, make sure engine is
completely cooled before beginning installation of the heater.
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