LightIt! | 20019-301 | Instructions / Assembly | LightIt! 20019-301 Instructions / Assembly

Multiflex LED Work Light Use & Care Instructions
Please carefully review this instruction sheet as it contains
important safety information!
Eye Safety
Do not look directly into the LED's and do not shine them into the eyes
of the others. As with other high intensity light sources, eye damage
may occur.
High Heat
Do not place the light over or close grilling surfaces as high heat may
damage the unit and create a potential fire hazard. The MultiFlex Work
Light is not constructed to be heat resistant.
Do not leave the light outside and uncovered. The MultiFlex Work Light
is not constructed to be water proof. Moisture may cause corrosion in
the circuitry and result in the premature failure of this product.
Flexible arm
Do not abuse the flexible arm by extreme or severe bending as the wires
inside may break, rendering the product inoperable or causing the
batteries to heat up, leak, or explode.
Do not attempt to remove or replace the LEDs. LEDs may last up to
100,000 hours and are not replaceable.
Inserting Batteries/Operation
Slide off the battery door located on the top of the clamp. Insert 3 AA size batteries in the
direction indicated by the diagram located in the battery compartment.
Check the installation by pressing the on/off switch located on the tip of the lamp head. If
it fails to light, then check the batteries to ensure that they have been inserted correctly.
Battery Safety
Improper use of this or any battery-operated product may cause batteries to leak or
explode, which may cause personal injury. Battery leaks can cause chemical burns. To
avoid unnecessary exposure to these hazards, we recommend the following precautions:
Alkaline batteries are recommended.
Remove batteries when the light is not in use for an extended period.
Replace batteries when light output becomes weak or nonexistent.
Do not mix old and new batteries
Do not mix alkaline, carbon-zinc, or rechargeable (nickel-cadmium) batteries.
Do not attempt to recharge non-rechargeable batteries
Keep the battery compartment feel of any metallic (or other) debris
In the event of injury, flush the area with cold water and contact a physician
The MultiFlex Work Light is guaranteed against manufacturing defects for a period of one
year. Please contact your local retailer or place of purchase for details.
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